Marathi Play 'Kathaa' (the story) Review, Vikram Gokhale, Suhas Joshi, Marathi Natak Katha

• 'Kathaa' (The Story) - an issue based witty presentation  
मराठीत वाचण्यासाठी येथे क्लिक करा.
Someone has rightly said, “Trust is the glue of life. It's the most essential ingredient in effective communication. And more so, it is the foundational principle that holds all relationships”. Writer - Director Anand Mhasvekar’s new Marathi play presented by Govind Chavan, is nothing but a humour filled relationship between husband and wife, who have lived life together for the past 35 years with disagreement over all issues in life. A day without an argument is like an egg without salt. Yet, they are considered to be the an ideal couple by a young girl, who comes into their life, when they are nearing their 36th wedding anniversary.

Shyamrao (Vikram Gokhale) and Maltibai (Suhas Joshi) a 60+ couple, who never agree with each other’s point of view. Yet, they are together for the past 35 years. After retiring from the Government Secretariat, Shyamrao has settled down in the far suburbs of Dombivali, out of compulsion, as he did not have sufficient funds to buy a flat at his favourite place Vile-Parle. Maltibai- a retired school teacher, is a happy-go-lucky woman, keeping herself busy with her morning walks and exercises besides managing the household work. But, Shyamrao thinks the other way, spending his morning free time in reading newspapers. He always calls names to Dombivali, being a polluted city. For the past few years, there have been two major incidences taking place in their happy family. The first one being that of their daughter Prajakta, who marries a Muslim boy much against the wish of her parents and gets detached from the family and the son-Prasad and daughter-in-law Jyoti, who prefer to stay separate an year after their marriage. There isn’t much of interaction between the parents and their son, except for birthdays and wedding anniversaries, when they exchange pleasantries.

In such a situation, when the couple really needs someone close caring for them, a young girl Neela ( Priyanka) walks into their house as a paying guest. Initially, reluctant to permit this working girl to stay in their house, Shyamrao finally agrees, as Maltibai is moved by the tragic happenings in the life of this young girl. As the days pass, the couple comes very close to this young girl and almost start treating her as their own daughter. Hence, they become restless, when she takes two crucial decisions in her life.

Around the same time, a request comes from their son to take care of their grandson-Bunty, as his governess had taken off for few months. But, for the first time, both Shyamrao and Maltibai agree on their combined decision and regret their inability, as their Ego reminds them about their son’s selfishness, to remember them only when there is a need. As a result, the gap between their strange relationship with son and parents widens and Bunty is sent to a Boarding school, at Panchgani. The couple do repent about their decision and when they visit Mahabaleshwar, they do visit their grandson, but his unusual behaviour with them makes them more unhappy. Back home, they get ready for celebrating their 36th anniversary, when they receive two big surprises.

‘Kathaa( The Story) is a simple tale of a couple and their emotions , very effectively conveyed by the director using a third party in the form of a young girl, who respects their living style and inner love for each other. Very cleverly, he has used the girl’s character, to show the effect of divorces by matured parents on their grown up children. He has also further gone ahead to show that for the Ego clashes between the first and second generation, the third generation suffers and is deprived of love and affection.

All the three characters have given wonderful performances, making this play more lively. Watch the reactions of the couple in those scenes, when they receive the phone call from their daughter and when both of them face their grandson in a spotlight scene. Only lapse noticed during this second scene was that it was taken on the same set with only spotlight flashing on them; but there wasn’t darkness around, to make it more effective. ‘Katha’( The Story) is a good experiment on stage to put forth the social problems of nuclear families. It is a pleasure to watch its witty presentation.

by Ulhas Shirke © MMW

Katha, Marathi Natak
Kathaa (The Story)
Presenter: Govind Chavan
Banner: Supriya Production
Production: Jivhala,
Writer, Anand Mhasvekar
Director: Anand Mhasvekar
Set Design:: Baba Parsekar
Lights: Dilip Kolhatkar
Music: Arun Kanvinde
Costume: Prakash Nimkar
Cast: Vikram Gokhale, Suhas Joshi, Priyanka