'Mi Marathi' talks about your future | 'Bhavishyavar Bolu kahi' a new programme on Mi Marathi channel, hosted by charming Sampada Kulkarni

May 2010 . Week

‘Mi Marathi’ talks about your future

Shri Sharad Upadhye
If anybody is talking about the future, it obviously develops a lot of interest among majority of the people. The topic of lucky stones suited to your Zodiac sign is another area that invites the attention of all those who are looking for quick results. Mr. Sharad Upadhye well-known for his detailed study into these two areas, is today an authority to debate on the doubts arising out of several related issues . After successfully managing his own programmes on stage and TV, he is now invited as a special guest to clear all your qualms relevant to these issues.

‘Bhavishyavar Bolu kahi’ a new programme on Mi Marathi channel, hosted by charming Sampada Kulkarni , is based on the doubts expressed by many viewers through their questions posted via e-mail. Sampada carries the public opinion and questions the expert guest Mr. Sharad Upadhye; who with his easy way of convincing clears all such doubts with his expertise. Watching the rising popularity of this programme on Mi Marathi, MMW paid a visit to their studio at Kurla and watched Mr. Upadhye being grilled with the questions posed by Sampada. But, the cool and composed expert appeared more than happy to answer all the questions by giving appropriate examples.

Speaking to MMW during the break, Mr. Upadhye suggested that for him every episode turns out to be more and more challenging as the host- Sampada, who is gaining more and more knowledge with the progress of every episode is coming up with interesting but tricky questions. “ It’s not that we do not prepare with our script, but many a times some of the explanations come spontaneously, arising out of the debate. And, that is the real fun about this programme.” he said. Talking about the success of lucky stone suited to an individual’s Zodiac sign, the expert was frank enough to state that not many can afford to buy these stones, which are so costly these days. And, even if someone is using them, all that they need to do is to observe purity in mind with devotion to God and at the same time possess good quality thoughts. Simply using a lucky stone with negative approach, is not going to work,” he concluded before leaving for his next shot.

Sampada Kulkarni the programme host, who is doing her Ph.D, seemed to be more enthusiastic about the conduct of this programme. Speaking about her personal experience, she said, “Though , this is not my subject for acquiring doctorate, I am very much fascinated about this subject. You get to learn so many things everyday. I take it as a process of learning, though I am acting as a coordinator between the viewers and the Guest. I like the way Sir responds to my doubts so spontaneously. Many a times, the discussion goes on without a cut. Watching me in this role, some of my co-stars now a days catch hold of me for sharing knowledge on this subject, while I am shooting elsewhere. That’s the biggest compliment.”

Young Rohit Salvi, who is directing this TV programme, said that they are trying to create awareness among the viewers by picking up different topics. “Our special guest Mr. Upadhye gives minute details with his humour filled approach while answering every question”. Executive Producer Anuja Sobale who is conducting this curiosity based programme, suggests the viewers to be more active through their participation by way of mailing their topics of interest with questions. Do write to us on bhavishya@mimarathi.tv to get all your doubts cleared,” she appeals. “ Bhavishyavar Bolu Kahi’ is a 30 mins programme is telecast everyday at 7.30am, 5.30 pm and 10 pm.