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SEPTEMBER 2013. Week 3

Bharat's Vanity Van is the topic of discussion on Small Screen
Bharat Jadhav Vanity Van Only few days ago, one Marathi news channel had shown Bharat in his own Vanity Van and had even interviewed him; for being the first Marathi actor, to own his personal Vanity van. Indeed, this is certainly a big news. Now, last week we witnessed Bharat Jadhav taking IBN Lokmat Editor Nikhil Wagle on a ride in his own Fiat family taxi, which is still preserved by him. Perhaps, with the new RTO rule, he may have to surrender it; as Fiat taxis are now conceded for renewal with new eco friendly taxis. But, Bharat turned more emotional, going down memory lane; recalling the days of struggle faced by his family, when his father used to drive taxi, to earn for his family.

"Even when I was performing on stage, my father used to come with this taxi, to take me back home during late night hours," said Bharat, with tears in his eyes. He then took the IBN Lokmat Editor into his vanity van and made him comfortable. Even the display of the Old taxi's photo in one of the cabinets, made it very clear that the popular actor, had not forgotten his past. When Bharat was posed with a question about being the highest paid actor, who charged more per film; Bharat was frank enough to admit that though he signed the film for higher amount; he never received the full amount from many producers. "Even today, there are dues amounting to Rs.30 lakhs from few producers," he concluded, with a natural smile on his face.

In 'Honar Sun Mee Hya Gharchi' the real test of Janhavi begins' as she enters the house of Shree to meet the lady members. This time' the viewers are more confident about Janhavi, than Janhavi herself; as they very well know that she would win their hearts one by one, with her competence. We have already seen the promos of all females with Janhavi, celebrating an occasion together in the title song. And, hence there doesn't seem to be any possibility of more hurdles from the six women, she is going to face soon. She has already become friendly with one of them. So, the beginning has been made.

After witnessing some sad events, 'Tuza Majha Zamena' is now in a holiday mood; with Limaye couple planning for outing at a resort in Roha, clearly declaring it as a new tourist place, in Konkan. After few exciting happenings in the beginning, the serial is now in search of further development of the script. Otherwise, it will turn out to be just another routine pass time serial, on the lines of 'Radha Hi Bavari' and 'Tu Tithe Mee'. By the way, 'Zee Marathi's new serial 'Eka Lagnachi Teesri Goshata' is making entry next month, at the same prime time. Will 'Tuza Majha Zamena' be shifted to another time slot? Let us wait and see.

by Shweta Khot © MMW

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