NOVEMBER 2013. Week 3

Why Shree and Janhavi pair became hit on small screen
Shree, Janhavi

Audience always correlate themselves with the favourite characters of Television serials. It does not matter to which age group they belong. It is all about their perception, how a young boy or girl should find their match, with proper mutual understanding between them. And, when they witnessed the first meeting of Shree and Janhavi in this serial, they knew that they were made for each other. And, as their affair blossomed into a strong bond, nobody could stop them from marrying. Though we noticed strong opposition from characters around; it was their total trust in each other, enabled the unfolding of events, as envisaged by the writer and director. And, this was well accepted by the audience.

What is worth mentioning about this pair is that both Shashank and Tejashree got totally involved into their characters, clearly indicating that they were just made for each other. No wonder, there were rumours spread by print media about their coming together in real life, after the shooting of their marriage in the serial, which received a lot of publicity.

In comparison, if we look at the approach of other Marathi serials, with the theme of young lovers, we find a lot of diversion to their stories. Either their falling in love with each other, has been shown just out of physical attraction or 'love at first sight'. They also talked about love marriage or arranged marriage in their own way. Now, looking at Satyajit and Manjiri in 'Tu Tithe Mee', though it's an arranged marriage with mutual consent, it is the understanding between the two, which is still missing. And for this reason, the serial has to distract the attention of the audience towards other characters, including the new addition of young Swapnil, now entering into the life of Manjiri, through the intervention of her father.

Then, in 'Radha Hi Bavari', the audience is still thinking whether Dr. Radha's decision to marry a person like Saurabh, with erratic behaviour, was right or wrong. In fact, their pairing has never been approved by sensible audience. One doesn't know how much time will it take for Saurabh to come on the right track; but till then the audience have always been sympathetic with Radha's character. Now, talking about the pairing in e TV's Marathi serial 'Majhe Mann Tujhe Jhale', the character of the professor (who marries his own student Shubhra, through arranged marriage); is still struggling to adjust with his immature wife. Perhaps, it may take a long time for the girl to understand her learned husband, as the serial has to pass through many more episodes, after both of them join college again.

In 'Eka Lagnachi Teesari Goshta', while Om behaves with some understanding to win his love; it is Isha , who is shown to have some attitude problem. Moreover, the serial instead of focussing totally on the young pair, is showing more about the stories of people living in his house and in his office. Now, there is one more addition of a Girl, who is posing herself as an actress and taking shelter in Om's house. And, this is certainly deviation from the love story of the young lead couple. It is almost going on the lines of past serial 'Tujha Majha Jamena', which gave unnecessary importance to too many characters. So, if you have to popularise your lead characters, you have to focus more on the lead pair, if it is a love story. And, the director of 'Honar Sun Mi Hya Gharchi' has been doing exactly that, though there are other characters around the lead pair.

by Shweta Khot © MMW