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JUNE 2013. Week 2

'Mejwani Paripoorna Kitchen' offer recipes for School tiffin
Mejvani Paripoorna Kitchen, Marathi SerialMany a times, young mothers face the challenge of making their little children happy, when they are preparing Tiffin for their little school going children. At that particular age, children are very fussy about taking their routine breakfast during early hours of the morning. At the same time, they don't like the traditional preparations in the Tiffin, they carry for their recesses.

'Mejwani Paripoorna Kitchen', a kitchen recipe programme on ETV , have been offering new recipes of their guest invitees at present, during afternoon hours. During the week, we saw Sulekha Talwalkar hosting this programme. On Saturday afternoon, we witnessed actress Amrita Sant showing two good recipes, which will be surely liked by kids. This 'Shalecha Dabba'( School Tiffin) special would continue in coming week too. Even otherwise, ETV has been offering practical Kitchen recipes in the programme, by expert chef Vishnu Manohar.

After celebrating the honeymoon of young pair Vaibhav and Manva in Switzerland, 'Tuza Majha Jamena' serial has now shifted its focus on most eligible bachelor in the neighbourhood- Abhijit and his new girlfriend Deepti. But, Vaibhav, who is doing a good job, still continues to be in picture, as an advisor of Abhijit in his new love affair. The Mahila Mandal meetings continue to happen , with their gossip and back biting attitude. However, Chomdya's absence certainly hints about a new twist, in coming episodes.

In 'Mala Sasu Havi', Abhilasha continues to invite all the attention, with her belief in predictions made by a Baba about her short lifeline. Her hallucinations are well picturised. In the process, she gets ample scope to display her acting talents. This must have certainly allowed the other artistes to attend to their commitments outside. But, Abhilasha is really doing a good job.

'Tu Tithe Mee' is'back to square one, with Satyajit once again showing his true colours; while treating his wife Manjiri, after delivering a daughter. He is almost repeating the same old dialogues, he uttered few months ago. Only difference is that this time, Manjiri has the support of Satyajit's mother; who is now well aware of the doubtful nature of her son. In the process, Priya has gone behind the curtains, waiting for her chance to reappear with wicked plans. We see the other artistes coming and going in between; but, where is Madhura? Why she is not seen for a long time. Certainly, missing this talented actress.

On the occasion of 75th birthday of Anna Hazare, IBN Lokmat spoke to this Champion crusader against corruption. Mr. Hazare, criticised the Maharashtra Government for supporting the corrupt Ministers .He also attacked the NCP for making a big show of asking their Ministers to resign first and then taking the tainted Ministers back in the reshuffled team.

by Shweta Khot © MMW

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