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JUNE 2013. Week 1

'Kon Hoil Marathi Karodpati' more keen on Publicity campaigns
Kon Hoil Marathi Karodpati, Marathi SerialThe so called Quiz reality show 'Kon Hoil Marathi Karodpati' initially began well, searching talent from different parts of Maharashtra and also offering sizable prize amount to the winners. But, now days, we find this programme frequently being used for either film's publicity or TV serial's publicity; inviting the artistes as guest participants. It is understood, if such guests are invited once in a while; but when it becomes frequent; you really start doubting, whether the programme is running short of competitors or the programme hosts are just taking the audience for granted. In last few days we watched enough of film's promotion one after the other and now we are going to watch the child artistes of TV serial 'Asava Sunder Swapnancha Bangla'. Isn't that something strange?

At a time when most of the Marathi news channels were flashing the news of Jiah Khan's suicidal death and holding debates on this event; we found some of the characters in Marathi serial 'Radha Hi Bavari' turning hyper. Eccentric Kedar was seen attempting to commit suicide by taking some pills, Radha's family members raising their blood pressure, over her disappearance and even Radha and Saurabh talking about their desire to end their lives and walking inside the deep sea. Wasn't that sending a wrong message to the viewers? Then why there should be debates on such issues; when our own TV serials show the way to the depressed people ?

However, 'Mala Sasu Havi' seems to be showing some improvement in their script content, in every new episode offered. After taking up the issues related to Cricket betting and its adverse effects, followed by cheating case of Developers in the name of Redevelopment projects; now it focuses on how the so called Fortune teller Babas trap women into their net. So, now, it's Abhilasha's turn to counter her blind faith. Her acting potential is being exploited through these episodes. And, she is doing a good job.

During the week, we also noticed a film's promotion in a TV serial 'Shejari Shejari Pakke Shejari', with Siddharth Jadhav exposing his body with minimum clothes and appearing as a guest artiste to promote his latest film. Even otherwise, this serial tests your patience. And now, in addition to that it is being used for promotion of a film; which looks very odd. To say in few words, different marketing strategies are being used, only to tax the viewers. The day is not far, when the artistes in the serial themselves will start recommending a particular brand of product and discussing about it through their dialogues. And that will certainly not be called 'Home entertainment'.

In the news highlight, we saw even the Rajasthan Royals owner Raj Kundra being questioned over IPL T20 betting and now that he has been asked to surrender his passport; has certainly raised some doubts about the team's existence during next IPL. How many more to be questioned ? It remains to be seen. On the political front, NCP Chief Mr. Sharad Pawar seems to be getting ready for the next Lok Sabha elections; with his new surprise move of asking all his Ministers in the present Maharashtra Government to submit their resignations. The real picture behind this reason will be clear in coming week. Till then, it is just wait and watch policy for their alliance partners and opposition.

by Shweta Khot © MMW

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