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Pallavi Patil, Runji January 2015. 2nd Week
Marathi serials capture Sankranti mood

During any Maharashtrian festival, we witness the festive mood appearing in the screenplay of every Marathi serial. And the popular Makar Sankranti festival was no exception. Sankranti is known for two things, Tilgul Ladoos and Kite Flying. And hence, we noticed the happenings related to these two items and the involvement of the characters of different serials, greeting each other and enjoying Kite flying..... read more
Makarand Anaspure, Renuka Shahane January 2015. 1st Week
Performance based Bullet train of Comedy

ETV used to present a Comedy based reality show 'Comedy Chi Bullet Train' on three days a week on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays. Now, since last week, this programme is presented only twice a week during the weekend, i.e. Fridays and Saturdays at 9.30 pm. This one hour programme is also entertaining like 'Chal Hava Yeu De' on Zee Marathi. You cannot compare the two programmes; as each one of them, have different ways of presentation.... read more
Pallavi Patil, Priya Marathe, Pari Telang, Mayuri Wagh, Actress
December 2014. 4th Week
Pallavi, Priya, Mayuri & Pari invited all the attention in 2014

The Year 2014 wasn't that good for the Marathi serials on small screen, as the laughter shows found good viewership, during the year. But, four girls invited all the attention of viewers, through their respective serials. Pallavi Patil has excelled through her wonderful performance, in title role through 'Runji' on Star Pravah'. With clarity in her voice, she displayed her gifted skills, through her intelligent and dynamic character. She is certainly a new find and most promising..... read more
Asmita December 2014. 3rd Week
Is 'Asmita' also turning a Saas–bahu serial ?

At a time, when Zee Marathi's 'Ka Re Durava' has successfully completed 100 episodes with rising popularity, their ever popular detective serial 'Asmita' seems to be turning into a 'Saas-bahu' serial. That's what the past few episodes indicated. In a gripping serial, filled with investigative stories, such happenings only applies break to the regular detection based stories. Hope, Asmita comes back to her regular profession soon..... read more
Samidha Guru, Shweta Shinde December 2014. 2nd Week
Sameedha Guru to make an entry in 'Kamla'

Well known stage, TV and film actress Sameedha Guru, whose Marathi film 'Kapuskondyachi Goshta' has won many awards before its release; is all set to make her entry in popular E TV's serial 'Kamla'. Sameedha revealed this news, after receiving the Best actress trophy at award function yesterday evening. The serial has already reached an interesting stage and hence for Sameedha it will be a big challenge to generate more interest.... read more
Ashalata, Actress December 2014. 1st Week
Ashalata returns to the small screen

Veteran Marathi actress Ashalata Wabgaonkar will return to small screen, through the ongoing TV serial 'Javai Vikat Ghene Aahe' on Zee Marathi channel. She will be playing the role of Pranjal's grandmother. Her entry in this serial is to check the gimmicks of her daughter Veena Pradhan , played by Savita Prabhune and offer full support to Raya and Pranjal. In short, she will help to bring happiness in the lives of the young couple. Being a versatile actress, she will certainly help to bring some change into this.... read more
Mrunmayee Deshpande, Actress November 2014. 4th Week
Mrunamyee back on small screen with 'Gaurav Maharashtracha'

Popular Marathi actress Mrunmayee Deshpande, who had reached every Maharashtrian household through her serials like 'Agnihotra' and 'Kunku' 3 years ago, had switched over to Marathi films. But now, she is back to small screen as an anchor for music reality show 'Gaurav Maharashtracha' on Etv Marathi. And , she is doing a good job.... read more
Sameera Gujar Actress, DD Sahyadari November 2014. 3rd Week
'Young Tarang' a real realistic programme on 'Sahyadri Channel'

Sahyadri TV Channel has been offering some interesting programmes for Marathi audience. Already known for some of their programmes like 'Patala tar Ghya', 'Hello Doctor', 'Smart Sunbai', Doordarshan- Sahyadri Channel has also been presenting an interesting programme for youngsters, suitably titled 'Young Tarang' presented by talented actress and popular anchor Sameera Gujar. Last time, there was a very good topic, on involvement of children in sports. And, this time, there was a debate linking a big group of schoolchildren.... read more
Akshar Kothari November 2014. 2nd Week
Akshar, Deepti return to small screen with sensational 'Kamla'

Akshar Kothari and Deepti ketkar are back on small screen. This time, you will see them together in ETV's new serial 'Kamla' beginning from 17th November 2014. The serial is an adaptation of Vijay Tendulkar's famous play with the same name. It is the true story of a journalist, who purchased a woman from the rural sex industry.... read more
Jai ho, Serial, rahul Mehendale November 2014. 1st Week
'Jai Ho!' takes up relevant social issues

'Jai Ho - Maharashtra Police' investigative Marathi serial on ETV , is now taking up relevant social issues, while picking up the cases. Their tagline 'Kaydyat Rahal tar Faydyat Rahal' says a lot, to create awareness among the home viewers. Recently, they took up an issue about the double murder of two senior citizens, by their own grandson.... read more
Ramesh Bhatkar October 2014. 4th Week
Ramesh Bhatkar joins 'Lagori' team

Inducting popular artistes into the cast of the ongoing serial, is not new to Marathi television. Actually, such inclusions does help to increase TRP's. It was a surprise to find him playing the father of advocate Ulhas. But, the present situation in this serial, doesn't seem to be interesting, compared to what the serial presented in the past. And, therefore, it is felt that Mr. Bhatkar has chosen a wrong place and time for his entry... read more
Gaurav Ghatanekar October 2014.3 rd Week
Now, Gaurav also joins 'Runji'

Only last week we had praised Pallavi Patil, who is playing the title role in Star Pravah's Marathi serial 'Runji'. With versatile actress Saii Ranade Sane already around, we just needed someone, to match with their team. And, here comes Gaurav Ghatnekar, playing an old friend of Runji, in this new interesting serial. Gaurav is returning to Marathi serials almost after a gap of four years. Last we saw him.. read more
Pallavi Patil, Runji October 2014. 2nd Week
Pallavi Patil impresses in and as 'Runji'

The first two episodes of 'Runji' went on well; but, the third episode of this serial was disappointing. It was a non convincing scene on the 'hair cut of the hero', witnessed in the concluding part on Wednesday. But, one thing is sure, that only Pallavi can take the serial ahead with her self motivated acts, in the forthcoming episodes.She is such a lively actress, full of positive energy. And, we need such female characters on small screen... read more
Suruchi Adarkar, Surabhi Hande, Ka re Durawa October 2014. 1st Week
Are female TV serial characters feeling insecure?

Whether it is the suspicious behaviour of Aditi in 'Ka Re Durava' serial , or Mhalsa in period serial 'Jai Malhar'; the common observation is that; during the past week, we saw them developing insecure feeling among themselves. The closeness of another woman in the life of her husband, can make any wife uncomfortable. At the same time, same could be the feelings of husbands, about their wives. And, we have seen this happen in the past.... read more
Marathi Actress September 2014. 4th Week
Female Characters of Marathi serials should inspire viewers

Only last week, we had praised'Star Pravah's 'Jayostute' serial, starring Priya Marathe in the lead role. But, now we find that her deputy has been given the prominence in this serial. And, Priya has just taken back seat, under the pretext that she is not keeping well. Isn't that something odd , at a time, when the serial is just picking up? Marathi serials receive good viewership, if there are popular stars in it. And therefore, giving her a short break, would withdraw the fans of Priya, from viewership. ... read more
Priya Marathe, Girish pardeshi, Star Pravah, Mahesh Kothare
September 2014. 3rd Week
'Jayostute' grabs all the attention

Mahesh Kothare's serial 'Jayostute' on Star Pravah, has grabbed all the attention during the week, as the serial has taken important issues against injustice and corruption. The manner in which this serial has presented Priya Marathe, in this serial; that very soon the audience will identify with her new character name - Pragati Rajwade, so much has been the impact of the character played by her. ... read more
Sai Ranade, Star Pravah
September 2014. 2nd Week

Sai Ranade Sane was a popular actress on small screen, having performed lead roles, besides character roles in many Hindi and Marathi serials. It was nice to see her back again to small screen in one of the important stories presented by Zee Marathi's 'Asmita' detective serial, recently. And, now we understand that she is busy working for Star Pravah's forthcoming daily soap 'Runji', which will be aired next month... read more
Kishori Ambiye, Santosh Pawar
September 2014. 1st Week
Now, 'Maiboli' also joins the band

With so many Marathi TV channels, offering variety of entertainment, to the Marathi viewers; now, one more Marathi channel 'Maiboli' has also joined the band. 'Maiboli' which is 'a Free to air channel', has now become available on all the popular networks. With their 'forte' as entertainment, Adhikari Brothers, who own SAB TV.... read more
Marathi Ganeshotsav
August 2014. 4th Week
Marathi serials celebrate Ganapati

Every year, come Ganapati festival and we notice the families in different popular Marathi TV serials welcoming Ganapati to their homes. In some of the serials, it is symbolic; but some makers believe in picturising the prayers, in the presence of all characters of the serial.... read more
Priya Marathe, Rahul Mehandale
August 2014. 3rd Week
'Jayostute' and 'Jai Ho' new attractions on Marathi Television

After playing a wicked character in 'Tu tithe Mee', Priya Marathe is now returning to small screen, with the dashing character of an advocate- Pragati Rajwade. The promos of this serial on Star Pravah have already generated interest, as people love to watch something new and interesting, for a change, rather than watching soaps based .... read more
Jai Malhar Zee Marathi
August 2014. 2nd Week
'Chal Hava Yeu De', to market new Marathi films & dramas

We have already had the glimpse of new Marathi film's promotion, during the concluding episodes of 'Fu bai Fu'. So, what's new about it, in the programme 'Chal Hava Yeu De', which is to replace 'Fu bai Fu' from 18th August 2014? And, we understand from the makers Zee Marathi, that they wish to promote forthcoming Marathi films and dramas through this programme,... read more
Prajakta Mali, Sukanya Mone
August 2014. 1st Week
'Ka Re Durava' raises new hopes

After a tiring and long stretched drama of 'Eka Lagnachi Teesari Goshta', now get ready to watch its replacement in the form of 'Ka Re Durava' on Zee Marathi. What different this serial offers, it remains to be seen. But, it is understood that this new serial beginning from 18th August at 9 pm, talks about the adjustments a couple has to make, in their day to day life.... read more
Prajakta Mali, Sukanya Mone
July 2014. 4th Week
Is 'Julun Yeti Reshimgathi' turning Saas-Bahu serial?

Whether in Marathi or Hindi, we have watched enough of Saas-Bahu serials till now. When 'Julun Yeti Reshimgathi' began with its theme, we expected a different subject. And, it turned out to be true, till few days back. Even, whatever misunderstandings Meghna's sisters-in-law had about her; that too were removed, because of the the presence of the kind hearted mother-in-law in the house, who always with her broad mind.... read more
Riteish Deshmukh, Laibhari, movie
July 2014. 3rd Week
Riteish promotes Lai Bhari on small screen

The most popular Marathi detective serial 'Asmita' which earlier had a glimpse of Agatha Christie style, is now going Sherlock Holmes way. Past few episodes of this Zee Marathi serial clearly indicated this, while unfolding the mystery. But, it remains to be seen, how the writer and director of this serial are able to use the style of original writer for his astute logical reasoning and use of forensic science.... read more
Riteish Deshmukh, Laibhari, movie
July 2014. 2nd Week
Now, South films dubbed in Marathi on Zee Talkies

Some Marathi viewers are already watching South films dubbed in Hindi on various Hindi entertainment channels. So, Zee Talkies, the Marathi channel showing Marathi films, has also started showing South films dubbed in Marathi. Don't really know, how the audience is going to react on the violence filled south films;... read more
Riteish Deshmukh, Laibhari, movie
July 2014. 1st Week
Riteish promotes Lai Bhari on small screen

It seems that Riteish Vilasrao Deshmukh, who is making his debut in Marathi film as an actor, through his much awaited film 'Lai Bhari'; has taken the promotion of his film very seriously. Only yesterday, we saw him in 'Fu Bai Fu', where the entire programme was based on his film. Now, he will also appear in another Zee Marathi serial 'Julun Yeti Reshimgathi'. However, it remains to be seen, in what way he makes his appearance? ... read more
Tejashree Pradhan
June 2014. 4th Week
Will Gokhale's ladli bahu become dulhan of Apte?

"While watching the current proceedings of 'Honar Sun Mi Hya Gharchi', it was surprising to note the eagerness of Janhavi's mother to get her daughter married to Mr. Apte. One can understand the selfish nature of her mother; but, how come her sensible father is watching this show? ... read more
Reema Lagu, Mohan Joshi, Aasu ani Haasu
June 2014. 3rd Week
Zee Marathi's 'Nakshatra' is a real treat to drama lovers

Starting from 1st June, Zee Marathi introduced their new programme 'Nakshatra' at 1 pm and 7 pm every Sunday, wherein they started telecast of some popular Marathi dramas of the past. Starting with Prashant Damle's 'Bahurupee', followed by family social 'Ghar Shrimantancha' and then paying tributes to late P. L. Deshpande, by telecasting his popular play 'Tee Phulrani' ... read more
Usha Nadkarni, Prajkta Mali, Swapnil Rajshekhar
June 2014. 2nd Week
Is it time for Honeymoon and tragedies on Small Screen?

This week witnessed short holiday trips of two couples; namely Shree-Janhavi and Aditya- Meghana simultaneously. You may like to call them short but official honeymoon. Watching them proceed on the journey almost around the same time, one expected them to meet together at their holiday destination. But, that did not happen.... read more
Tejashree Pradhan
June 2014. 1st Week
Janhavi is still refreshing on small screen

The character of Janhavi played by Tejashree Pradhan Ketkar is still refreshing on the small screen, among all the other female characters on Marathi television. With her every entry in popular TV serial 'Honar Sun Mi Hya Gharchi', she inspires the audience with her smile and positive thinking process.... read more
Valentine Day SHowFebruary 2014. 2nd Week
It's time for Velentines Day celebrations on small screen
It's Valentines Day and some of the lead characters in our Marathi serials on different channels, are planning their celebrations in their own way. Coming together after a long gap of more than a month, ...
read more


Actress Dnyanada Chemburka in LagoriFebruary 2014. 1st Week
'Lagori - Maitri returns' should inspire young audience
Among the new offerings from Star Pravah's new look, 'Lagori- Maitri Returns' seems to inspire young audience, especially the girls. The initial episodes have clearly indicated it...
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Marathi Serials, 2014>January 2014. Last Week
Over to February to welcome new arrivals
More than watching serials or reality shows, now days the home viewers are subjected to watching, what the Government has done for the people for the past five years. The repeat advertisements may be a bonus for TV channels, but, they are really taxing the viewers. And, they have to bear this for the next four months. By the way, is the ...
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Marathi Serials, 2014January 2014. 3rd Week
Expecting New 'Star Pravah' to attempt something different
With their new logo, its also time for Star Pravah to attempt something different, through their forthcoming Marathi entertainment . Incidentally, they have already announced new serials, like 'Be Duni Daha', which looks interesting through promos. Then, there is 'Lagori' which also sounds different from the routine - Saas-bahu dramas...
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Marathi Serials, 2014January 2014. 2nd Week
Will 'Asmita' & 'Be Dune Daha' bring about a change in Marathi serials?
Zee Marathi's 'Asmita' directed by Sangeet Kulkarni and Star Pravah's 'Be Duni Daha' Produced and directed by Aditya Sarpatdar, are poised to invite all attention of Home viewers, promising something different. 'Asmita' is set for 9.30 pm prime time slot from Wednesday to Saturday and will be aired on Zee Marathi from 5th February 2014...
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Marathi Serials, 2014January 2014. 1st Week
Now, all eyes on 'SAREGAMAPA'
The good news for TV viewers is that from Monday 13th January 2014, Zee Marathi will offer a new batch of singers through the new edition of 'SAREGAMAPA' Music reality show. Scheduled every Monday and Tuesday at 9.30 pm, it is not clear, whether the ongoing laughter Show 'Fu Bai Fu' will be shifted to other slot or will end...
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Marathi Serials, 2014December 2013. 4th Week
Can we expect better serials in 2014?
Having come to the end of the year 2013, it is time to recollect what our Marathi serials have offered us, during the entire year. Compared to year 2012, many serials released during 2013 tried to offer light entertainment, unlike previous year, which focussed on typical Saas - Bahu type of serials. The new trend was brought...
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Shree, Meghana, OmDecember 2013. 3rd Week
Three Popular characters select Sunday for their confession
Zee Marathi channel decided to telecast their three popular serials with one hour long episodes at prime time on Sunday 22nd December 2013. Through these episodes, we found the three important characters confess the truth on the same day. So, it was first the turn of Meghana in 'Julun yeti Reshimgathi', who, after her marriage to...
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Rujuta Deshmukh ActressDecember 2013. 2nd Week
Rujuta Deshmukh has a challenging role to play in 'Savar Re'
Whether it was 'Abhalmaya', 'Damini'( concluding part), 'Kalat Nakalat' or 'Gostha Eka Anandichi', Rujuta Deshmukh has always made her presence felt, through variety of roles she has played in the past through these serials. Now, we see her playing a young widow in new serial 'Savar Re'; which has just completed one month on eTV Marathi...
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Swati Chitnis, Rohini HattangadiDecember 2013. 1st Week
Good hearted Older characters is the need of Marathi serials
A grandmother in our neighbourhood was complaining that she doesn't get to see much about older people in Marathi TV serials these days. " There were two Grandmothers I was watching keenly. One of them was Shubhra's Grandma in 'Majhe Mann Tujhe Jhale'; but, she is gone missing after Shubhra's marriage to the professor and the other was Shubha Khote in 'Eka Lagnachi Teesari Goshta'...
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Prajakta Mali, ActressNOVEMBER 2013. 4th Week
Prajakta Mali impresses in 'Julun Yeti Reshimgathi'
Taking his own time, by consuming several episodes, finally, Om has confessed his love to his beloved in 'Eka Lagnachi Teesari Goshta'. The last two episodes were good and it was nice to see veteran Mohan Agashe, having his say in this serial, in the role of a wise grandfather. But, the girl who invited all the attention during the week was Prajakta Mali, in new TV serial 'Julun Yeti Reshimgathi'..
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Shree, JanhaviNOVEMBER 2013. 3rd Week
Why Shree and Janhavi pair became hit on small screen
Audience always correlate themselves with the favourite characters of Television serials. It does not matter to which age group they belong. It is all about their perception, how a young boy or girl should find their match, with proper mutual understanding between them. And, when they witnessed the first meeting of Shree and Janhavi in this serial, they knew that they were made for each other...
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ETV Marathi, MAD- Mhanje Assal DancerNOVEMBER 2013. 2nd Week
Children's TV reality shows should maintain decorum
ETV Marathi presents a reality show for children in the name of 'MAD- Mhanje Assal Dancer' with some good performances by children, coming from different parts of Maharashtra. However, the language used by some of the participants and sometimes by the anchor certainly does not go in good taste...
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Shruti Marathe, ActressNOVEMBER 2013. 1st Week
Is Radha is surrounded by hysterical characters?
Shruti Marathe who is playing the central character of Radha in Zee Marathi's TV serial 'Radha Hi Bavari' seems to be surrounded by hysterical characters in this serial. It all began with her own step mother played by Ashwini Ekbote...
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Swarda Thigale, ActressOCTOBER 2013. 4th Week
Shubhra's marriage makes her mother happy; but, not her
Being worried about her daughter's behaviour and her association with college friends, Shubhra's mother decides to get her daughter married. And, she finds her college professor as the most suitable bridegroom for her....
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Shree, JhanaviOCTOBER 2013. 3rd Week
Finally, Shree weds Jhanavi
The most admired TV Serial couple of Shree and Jhanavi are finally married, in the popular TV serial 'Honar Me Sunn hya Gharachi'. Incidentally, this serial has won maximum awards at the Zee TV awards function, which was held last week. As Jhanavi enters the house, Shree's Grandmother steps out of the house; creating a scene; which is shocking to Shree& Jhanavi...
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Tejashree, ShashankOCTOBER 2013. 2nd Week
Now, it's time for new marriage ceremonies on small screen
With 'Tuza Majha Jamena' and 'Ekapeksha Ek Apsaras' saying Goodbye, there are two new programmes added on Zee Marathi, in the form of 'Eka Lagnachi Teesari Goshta' and entertaining reality show 'Fu Bai Fu', added to the prime time schedule during the week. It will be too early to comment on 'Eka Lagnachi Teesari Goshta', but watching the veteran actress Shubha Khote in this serial is certainly a pleasant surprise...
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Urmila Kanetkar, Adinath KothareOCTOBER 2013. 1ST Week
E TV Marathi trying to capture young audience
With not much competition faced from Zee Marathi and Star Pravah ( except for 'Honar Sunn Mi Hya Gharchi' and 'Lakshya') during the past few days, E TV Marathi is gearing up by focussing on the plots involving youngsters, through their two ongoing new serials, namely 'Maze Mann Tujhe Jhale'(MMTJ) and 'Aapla Buva Aasa Aahe'(ABAA). The first one 'MMTJ' is about the life of a college going daughter, who has been brought up with affection and care by her Mother and grandmother. ...
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Priya Marathe, ActressSEPTEMBER 2013. Last Week
Priya shown the exit door in 'Ekapeksha Ek Apsara..'
Though she is yet to be punished in Zee Marathi's serial 'Tu Tithe Mee', for her various wicked acts, including a murder; Priya Marathe was voted out from the reality dance show 'Ekapekha Ek Apsara..' last Tuesday. Priya had joined the popular dance Reality show 'Ekapeksha Ek Apasara Aali' through wild card entry, only three weeks ago. But, could not hold the popular votes in her favour in this show. Hence, she was shown exit door in this reality show last Tuesday. ....
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Bharat Jadhav, ActorSEPTEMBER 2013. Week 3
Bharat's Vanity Van is the topic of discussion on Small Screen
Only few days ago, one Marathi news channel had shown Bharat in his own Vanity Van and had even interviewed him; for being the first Marathi actor, to own his personal Vanity van. Indeed, this is certainly a big news. Now, last week we witnessed Bharat Jadhav taking IBN Lokmat Editor Nikhil Wagle on a ride in his own Fiat family taxi, which is still preserved by him. Perhaps, with the new RTO rule, he may have to surrender it; as Fiat taxis are now conceded for renewal with new eco friendly taxis...
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Ganapti BappaSEPTEMBER 2013. Week 2
Marathi TV serials go slow during Ganapati Fest
The second week of September was filled with lot of enthusiasm among many viewers across Maharashtra, since it was peak time for Ganapati celebrations at home and at specially erected community halls. Obviously, taking into account drop in viewership during this period, the popular Marathi TV serials preferred to go slow with pass time methods in screenplay. In some of the serials, we witnessed the aartis of Ganapati Bappa....
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Reality shows dominate Marathi TV more
Week 1 >Government action is an act of tyranny - Baba more
May 2011
Week 4 >"I played test cricket like T20"- Salim more
Week 3 >
An Artist, a Singer and a successful more
Week 2 >Babasaheb Purandare inspires one and more
Week 1 >Star Majha exposes Raj more
April 2011
Week 4 >Media on the look out for tainted more
Week 3 >Morality diminishing in Marathi TV more
Week 2 >Fight against corruption, cheating and superstition picks up in more
Week 1 >Anna Hazare emerges as the new leader of the more
March 2011
Week 4 >India-Pak Cricket Match conquered TV more
Week 3 >Is Prasad Oak a target of Ambush marketing ? more
Week 2 >Incredible Neha Pendse's great fight back. read more
Week 1 >Marathi Dramas score over Cricket. read more
February 2011
Week 4 >Mixed reactions by TV Channels on Budget.... read more
Week 3 >W.C. Cricket fever only for team more
Week 2 >Now, it's Sand Mafia attacking more
Week 1 >Is Mrinmayee the favourite among Apsaras?read more
January 2011
Week 4 >Has Yashwant Sonawane become a more
Week 3 >Legwork- a must for TV News more
Week 2 >"I always wanted to be a director"- more
Week 1 >Now, Apsaras too turn more
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