‘Taryanche Bait’ – reminds about values

Taryanche Bait Marathi Movie
Rating: na
Company: Alt Entertainment
Producers: Friday Filmworks, Shobha Kapur, Ekta Kapoor, Sheetal Bhatiya
Director: Kiran Yadnyopavit
Story : Saurabh Bhave
Camera: Sudhir Palsane
Music: Nandu Ghanekar
Cast: Sachin Khedekar, Ashwini Giri, Ishaan Tambe, Asmita Joglekar, Kishore Kadam, Vinay Apte, Shubhangi Joshi, Sahashank Shende
Movie Review by: Ulhas Shirke

Ancient Greek Philosopher-Socrates said “Contentment is natural wealth, luxury is artificial poverty.” Based on this philosophy, Ektaa Kapoor and Shobha Kapoor’s first Marathi film ‘Taryanche Bait’ touches upon one such sensitive issue of Globalisation and its impact on a simple but happy family living in a small village in Konkan, the coastal part of Maharashtra. Every individual has his own dreams and should be content with whatever comes to his share. At the same time, he has his own limitations, when it comes to giving promises to others; as fulfillment of the same should not become a burden on him.

Time has changed but not the family values and relationships. ‘Taryanche Bait’ penned by Saurabh Bhave of FTII, is a simple tale, yet something special to which every person would relate. And, that’s the reason director Kiran Yadnyopavit and Creative director Neeraj Pande( ‘A Wednesday’ fame) worked hard on the screenplay of this film, to give a sensible message to the society. And that is what Social activist Mr. Anna Hazare through his recent movement has suggested to the society.

The film does have a tongue-in-cheek humour, while projecting the harsh realities of life. Today, it is the new generation, which is quite frank about everything. They are bold and clear about their demands. When it comes to preparing for the exams the parents are promising big things, so that their child does it with the temptation of being suitably rewarded. But, many a times, the promise made by parents to their children is beyond their capacity to fulfill, when the time comes. And that may lead to corruption. It is this simple tale of father and son that we witness in ‘Taryanche Bait’.

Sachin Khedekar, Taryanche Bait
Sachin Khedekar, who is a gram panchayat clerk and head of the family, lives happily with his mother, wife and two children in a village in Konkan. On one such occasion, while he is required to go for his office work on a weekend, he takes his family along with him to Mumbai, where his 10 year old son Omkar is lured by city life. He insists on visiting a five-star hotel, but the father refuses; as he cannot afford it. Unable to pacify his son, the father promises a night’s stay at the same hotel, if the son stood first in his school exams. Thereafter begins their effort to win the bet, forcing both of them to face some harsh realities in the bargain.

Simultaneously, the director portrays the other three characters played by Shubhangi
Joshi, Ashwini Giri and Asmita Joglekar in the roles of Mother, wife and daughter- Meera , in such a way that it goes on to show the existing culture of the region, where a female plays a very important role in the right upbringing of a child. In one particular scene, the wife dares to slap her son on making unnecessary demands and even questions her husband about the income from unethical practices. “It is the hard earned money that is sufficient for happy living,” she suggests. And therefore, whatever earned through immoral means, goes into the drains in the form of sickness of family members or through other ways. This is clearly suggestive through two important scenes in the film.
Very cleverly, the director has concluded the film’s tale, when the father and son duo almost make up their mind to visit Mumbai and land at the glittering island to fulfill their objective. The climax has been shot well, keeping the audience engaged. The film makes a good impact for the manner in which the emotional part has been mixed so well throughout, with light humour. ‘Taryanche Bait’ has therefore not only succeeded in passing a social message at the most appropriate time, through its sensible content but has also managed to entertain the film lovers. It also reminds one and all of the famous proverb, ‘‘As you sow, so shall you reap,” and also suggests that Time has changed but not the family values and relationships.

Sachin Khedekar, playing the father’s role, is simply superb displaying his natural acting skills with ease. Ashwini Giri has supported well in the role of his wife. Her real test comes when she reacts after seeing the boat missing from their compound. Shubhangi Joshi and Asmita Joglekar, as Sachin’s mother and daughter are also good. But, it is the son played by Ishaan Tambe, is highly impressive. Kishore kadam in the role of an Insurance agent in the village and Vinay Apte as the stock broker, look very realistic and so does Sahashank Shende in the role of a moneylender. There isn’t much scope for music in this film, but the short songs and the background music suit well to the village location. Photography by Sudhir Palsane is superb, both during the day and night. ‘Taryanche Bait’ is a well presented film.

Thanks to Kiran Yadnyopavit, Neeraj Pande and Ektaa kapoor for such a wonderful offering.

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