‘Sadrakshanaay’ – Realistic and Thrilling ‘

Rating: na
Company: J. J. Creations
Producers: Jayant Gilatkar
Director: Vikram Labhe
Story – Screenplay : Vikram Labhe
Camera: Amit Singh
Music: Abhijeet-Suyog
Cast: Mansi Salvi, Tushar Dalvi, Bal Dhuri, Suhita Thatte,
Master Rahul Phalke, Shishir Sharma, Kamlesh Sawant
Movie Review by: Ulhas Shirke

“Sadrakshanaay Khalanigrahnaay…” That’s the oath taken by our Police officers in Maharashtra, before taking charge of their most responsible post. In short, it means, “We shall be unbiased, transparent and secular and respect democratic values, while delivering services to the society. We are committed to protect women, children as well as senior citizens, while eradicating the anti social elements in the society”. Looking at the present day situation, one really does not know, how many of them are able to exercise their powers to remain committed to their oath. If we take for example present day situation in Maharshtra, we find the Police department constantly under the pressure from Politicians. But, you have to blame the system for that. There are good officers too, who perform their duty with utmost commitment.

The latest Marathi film ‘Sadrakshanaay’ written and directed by Vikram Labhe is not only a timely film but also an inspiring film to boost the morale of all those Police officers, for whom their duty comes first. Vidya, ( Manasi Salvi) who is an orphan turned Police Officer in the rank of ACP, Crime Branch, is married to Pushkar,( Tushar Dalvi) who is into Real Estate business and also a childhood friend of her colleague- Milind ( Sagar Talashikar). They are a happily married couple with few misunderstandings here and there, like any other working couple. They have a cute son-Shubham( Master Rahul Phalke) and they live in a joint family in the company of Pushkar’s parents ( Bal Dhuri and Suhita Thatte).
One day, while Vidya and Pushkar are on their way to Shubham’s school to attend the Parent’s day special programme, Vidya notices a wanted criminal ( Kamlesh Sawant) on a motorcycle at a signal point next to their car. She dares to block him and chases him after informing her Crime branch team. The criminal is then cornered at one residential colony, but he picks up a child as a hostage. After the arrival of the force, Vidya leads the team and saves the life of the child by killing the criminal in an encounter. She is questioned by her senior ( Shishir Sharma), for conducting such a risky operation without his permission and that too when she was off duty. But, he soon realizes his mistake when Vidya reminds him of his own teachings. He then backs Vidya and her team.

Manasi SalviIn the meanwhile, when Pushkar proceeds to Bangalore for his business work, Vidya realizes her duty to her lonely child and takes him one evening to his favourite fast food outlet. When she receives a call from her colleague that is disconnected; she comes out in the open to call back. Just at that moment, a powerful blast takes place in that food court resulting into several deaths and injuries. Vidya finds Shubham severely injured and rushes him to hospital after informing Pushkar’s parents. Pushkar is not available on his number. At the hospital, she receives an emergency call from her senior, who asks her to report at the hideout of the terrorists, at one housing complex in suburbs of Mumbai.
Viday’s father-in –law understands the situation and suggests her to proceed on her duty. At the place of hide out, the police team led by Vidya are able to nab all the terrorists but, they are taken for surprise with the arrest of an Indian connection. It is at this stage, the film takes a break for interval. In the post interval session till the end ‘Sadrakshanaay’ becomes more gripping through the action sequences and equally absorbing with those emotion filled scenes. It would not be advisable to reveal much about the post interval happenings, as that will take away interest of the viewers. But, the film does send a strong message to the society, as to how a desire of a person to become rich quickly can land him into trouble, falling a prey to underworld link in real estate business, who eventually control terrorist activities. It also goes on to show a clear nexus between Politicians and underworld. Unlike the other films on this subject, ‘Sadrakshanaay’ stands apart, with its emotion filled realistic tale, with a good storyline.

Manasi Salvi, in the role of a firebrand ACP, goes on to prove that she is still in the reckoning of a good actress. It’s a great comeback for her. With her expressive eyes and well suited body language for this role, she certainly invites the attention of one and all. Tushar Dalvi has supported her well through some of his emotion filled scenes. Master Rahul Phalke is just fine but Bharat Ganeshpure plays the corrupt Minister in his own style with a difference. Shishir Sharma as Vidya’s boss is loud on few occasions; but Bal Dhuri and Suhila Thatte are simply remarkable as Pushkar’s parents. The screenplay is well presented without any scope for songs and that makes it more appealing. Photography by Amit Singh is good and so is the editing work. The film certainly gives a realistic and thrilling experience to the viewers. Director Vikram Labhe certainly deserves a pat on his shoulders for offering such a sensible film.

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