On duty 24 Taas- The Police Saga

Onduty 24 Tass Marathi Movie
Rating: na
Presenter: Odyssey Corporation Ltd.
Producer: Pankaj Shah, Vina Dimanshu Mehta, Pradip Goradiya
Direction: Kedar Shinde
Camera: Santosh Pawar
Camera: Sanjay Jadhav
Music: Pankaj Pushkar
Cast: Dr Amol Kolhe, Vijay Chavhan, Kranti Redkar
Movie Review by: Prasanna Hulikavi

Presented by Odyssey Corporation ‘On duty 24 Taas’ is the latest offering by Kedar Shinde. We are well aware that Kedar is known for his sense of sarcasm and ability to put forth serious issues in a light hearted manner. ‘On duty 24 Taas’ is a mix of comedy and drama genre. It is a tale of the police , and the tussle between theirs role, responsibilities and their personal lives.

The story is slackly based on post 26/11episode, when the government and the police department decide to form an anti-terrorist squad after the worst happening. The story takes off from here, with Karan Bedi a valiant police officer appointed to head and train the squad. But the catch here is that he is given a group of de-motivated police force to train. The film takes potshots at the decadent government system, highlighting the problems and the issues in a hilarious manner. It also brings forth the need to modernize the training procedures and the equipment provided to the police like guns and even clothes.

There are scenes in which a robust police ironically called “Lahane” is constantly asking for shoes of his size. The seed idea of the plot is very pertinent to today’s times. But the deviations from the plot are many, and this confuses the viewer as the director tells a lot of small stories through the sub plots. The audience has to grapple with many issues which are left dangling even after the closure, like the suicide of the suspended police officer.

However, some of the scenes are touching, revealing director’s sensitive handling of the subject like when Karan Bedi asks the suspended police man to hand over his Cap and belt.
Amol Kholhe

The dialogues are very witty and make the viewer smile. ‘On Duty 24 Tass’ has some funny moments but sometimes the humor seems to be stretched out, like in one of the scenes the squad has surrounded the terrorist held police station and one of the squad members keeps looking for a place to sleep, while others are busy ordering food… too much to palate. Film tries to do Chaplin style comic pathos, but ends up leaving the audience baffled.

Music and lyrics are used to enhance the overall impact of the movie. The item song seems to be pushed into the plot just to titillate the audience.
Dr Amol Khole does justice to the role of Karan Bedi and shows a lot of emotions in a very understated manner. Kranti Redkar has also done a good job, as the sub inspector and Vijay Chavan is his usual competent self in the supporting role as Zamadar.

All in all, it’s good watch, if you have two hours to spare and want to look at an issue based comedy.

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