‘Mangalashtaka’ deserves ‘Once More’

Mangalashtak Once More
Rating: ★★★★
Studio: Shree Aadya Films
Producer: Renu Desai
Writer, Director: Sameer Joshi
Music Director:Nilesh Moharir
Cinematographer: Sanjay Jadhav
Cast: Swapnil Joshi, Mukta Barve, Kadambari Kadam, Vijay Patwardhan, Sai Tamhankar
Movie Review by: Ulhas Shirke

After their first Marathi film ‘Mumbai Pune Mumbai’, the pair of Swapnil Joshi and Mukta Barve had become so popular that their subsequent TV serial ‘Eka Lagnachi Doosari Goshta’ became a super hit on small screen. Still, popularly known as Ghana and Radha with their character names in the serial; they have once again come together in the latest released film ‘Mangalashtaka Once More’ directed by Sameer Joshi.

The film talks about the lifestyle of a young married couple Satyajit Phatak ( Swapnil Joshi) and Aarti ( Mukta Barve). While Satyajit Manages the Sales Department of a popular FM Radio Company, Aarati being an MBA prefers to be a housewife and take extra care of her husband. Already worried about the work pressure, Satyajit vents out his frustration on his over caring wife Aarti, who is always worried about his health. Suddenly reacting one day, Satyajit demands for his space and both of them get separated from each other; much against Aarti’s wish.

Being helpless, Aarti takes shelter at her younger sister- Reva’s ( Kadambari kadam) place, only to be reminded by her to be an independent woman. But, Aarti being a typical Bharatiya Naari, is not able to forget Satyajit, though she takes up a job. She tries to contact him and wants his friend Nikhil( Hemant Dhome) to help them bring them together. But, that doesn’t work, as Satyajit is shown more busy with his office work, only to create misunderstandings about his close relationship with his senior office colleague Shalini ( Sai Tamhankar) , who wants him to focus his attention on achieving business target. All is well at the end, to make everyone happy.

Mangalashtak Once More
‘Mangalashtaka Once More’ offers quality entertainment through a subject, which is so relevant to today’s busy lifestyle. It describes the frustration of youngsters, while handling the work pressure in office and goes on to show how it affects their personal life. The film also shows how a happy marriage could turn into a disturbed married life for want of space, with unfolding of events, causing disturbance. Through the character of Reva, the film shows the other way of handling such situations and through the character of Shalini, it is shown how a woman gives importance to her career, sacrificing her personal life.

Best part of the film is its story written by the director himself, who knew his job very well, while directing all those important scenes. Be it the parting time between the couple, their reunion during the meeting in a coffee shop, Aaart’s communication with Reva while defending her husband and finally coming together of the couple in climax scene , after removing all the misunderstandings, between them.

Cinematographer Sanjay Jadhav has done a very good job once again after ‘Duniyadari’ with his wonderful camera work. Director Sameer Joshi makes a fine debut with his notable work. He seems to have received good support from producer Renu Desai, who has paid more attention on making this film technically perfect with selection of suitable locations, besides using well known playback singers and good music from Nilesh Mohrir.

Looking at the performances, Swapnil Joshi is at his best, displaying sudden change of his behaviour on different occasions with spontaneity. Mukta Barve has also shown her wonderful acting skills while expressing her emotions. Their chemistry has worked very well this time too, clearly indicating that they deserve to be together ‘Once More’, in another film in near future. Kadambari kadam has got a better role , though she plays Aarti’s younger sister. She seemed to be at ease while performing that role. Though the name of Saie Tamhankar appeared as friendly appearance, she has a sizable role and she perfectly fits into that character of career minded Sahlini. However, Hemant Dhome has very limited scope, though he has done his job well. Vijay Patwardhan is a waste in this film. But, others in the supporting cast have done a good job.

The film is very well presented in the first half and continues with the same pace immediately after interval. But, few scenes consume little more time than required. The final scene of their coming together has been wound up little hurriedly in a predictable manner. Barring this, the film is a pleasure to watch. It’s a neat and clean entertaining film for the entire family. The young couples shouldn’t miss it.

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