‘Lavu Ka Lath’ is a tribute to Dada Kondke

Laath Marathi Movie
Rating: na
Banner: Shardul Films
Producer: Vijay Patkar
Director: Vijay Patkar
Story/Screenplay/Dialogues/Lyrics: Rajesh Bamgude
Cinematographer: Sanjay Khanzode
Cast: Vijay Patkar, Hemalata Baane, Vijay Kadam, Pradeep Patwardhan,
Jaywant Wadkar, Kamlakar Satpute, Kishori Ambiye, Archana Patkar, Jayant Sawarkar,
Rajan Tamhane, Jayraj Nair, Ananta Karekar, Rajesh Bamgude, Sunil Holkar,
Kishor Ravrane, Prakash Pawar, Shraddha Nigvekar, Shital Kolhapure,
Ashutosh Wadekar, Prashant Tapaswi, Bharat Chawale, Raj Patil.
Guest Appearence: Manoj Joshi, Nisha Parulekar
Movie Review by: Ulhas Shirke

Actor Vijay Patkar has been truthfully entertaining the Marathi and Hindi film lovers for more than 25 years, through whatever little he had to his share in the form of character roles, especially the comedy ones. But, no one really tapped his full potential; till he himself decided to test his ability, turning a producer and director through his latest film ‘Lau Ka Lath’. If you are really aware of what the audience expect and if you sincerely work to offer wholesome entertainment packed with action, people would certainly approve it. Recent success of Bollywood film ‘Dabhang’ was the best example.

Now, inspired by late Dada Kondke and observing all success formulas of past super hit Marathi films; particularly those of dada Kondke and Mahesh Kothare; actor turned film maker Vijay Patkar found the script of Rajesh Bamugade, most appropriate to entertain today’s Marathi audience. ‘Lau Ka Lath’ is based on this traditional marathi formula film, with a commercial touch. Taking advantage of latest technology like VFX and other special effects, he presents something on the lines of a roller coaster ride for Marathi audience.

Lavu Ka Lath

Set on the backdrop of a progressive village, we find Namdeo alias Namya (Vijay Patkar), a simpleton ladies tailor; who is also well versed in healing those suffering from sprains and aches, with his Kick therapy. But, he does not charge for this treatment and considers it, as a social service. Surekha (Hemalata Bane)- a Lavani performer, who suffers an injury while dancing, is treated by Namya. She falls in love with him. But Surekha’s father puts three conditions in front of Namya to marry his daughter. The first one is to challenge a wrestler from a neighboring village, second one is to get rid of his conventional chappals and last and most difficult one is to earn Rs. Three lakhs; so that the father could find replacement for Surekha, to perform at the shows. Namya manages the first one, by curing the wrestler from his back sprain and in return asking him to lose; but he finds it difficult to fulfill the other two conditions.

Destiny comes to the rescue of Namya and it’s ‘all is well’ at the end. But, ‘Lau Ka Lath’ being a commercial film, you find the screenplay of the film stuffed with lots of humour filled scenes, involving characters like the frustrated Doctor from the village (Kamlakar Satpute), the demanding father of Surekha and a Shahir (Poet) played by Jaywant Wad, and the two rivals – Sarpanch (Vijay Kadam) and Village Patil (Jairaj Nair), who compete with each other to prove their supremacy. Then, there is also a Police Officer( Pradeep Patwardhan) with his two assistants, a DSP (Rajan Tamhane), a Lady fortune teller (Kishori Ambiye) and dozens of character artistes including former Marathi actress Archana Patkar, who plays the wife of Sarpanch.

Performances from all the artistes are wonderful. Vijay Patkar rocks in the role of Namya; but he has received equally good support from his leading lady Hemalata Bane, who has till now played small roles in films. She has proved that her choice for this role wasn’t wrong. In the supporting roles, Jaywant Wad, Vijay kadam, Jairaj Nair, Pradeep Patwardhan, Rajan Tamhane, Jayant Savarkar, Kishori Ambiye, Archana Patkar and others have displayed an excellent team work.

You may call ‘Lau Ka Laath’ a Musical comedy with humour filled action; as the film maker has also paid attention to music, besides managing the comedy scenes with care. The two songs, ‘Morya..’ and ‘Mala Ek chance hava ..’ are picturised well, with good music by Avinash Vishwajeet. At no point you feel bored. Such is the impact created through the screenplay and apt dialogues. Though, some of the dialogues carry double meaning, no vulgarity is noticed. The climax of this film goes almost on the lines of Priyadarshan type of films; but it is limited, to conclude with a happy note. The suspense behind the character of ‘Lakhu Lungi’- a dacoit behind stealing antique pieces, has been very cleverly revealed, at the end. ‘Lau Ka Hath’ is a time pass film for all age groups. As a film maker, Vijay Patkar has succeeded in offering his recipe, filled with wholesome entertainment.

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