Monsoon ‘Haapus’ tastes Sweet and Sour

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Rating: na
Presenter: Eros Entertainment, Everest Entertainment
Producers: Sanjay Chhabria, Abheejit Satam
Director: Abhijeet Satam
Camera: Rahul Jadhav
Story & Screenplay: Saurabh bhave & Subodh Khanolkar
Lyrics: Sandeep Khare
Music: Dr. Salili Kulkarni
Cast: Shivaji Satam, Madhura Velankar, Makarand Anaspure, Subodh Bhave, Pushkar Shotri
Movie Review by: Ulhas Shirke

Finally, Sanjay Chhabria and Abhijit Satam’s much awaited ‘Haapus’ has arrived in Maharashtra on the day with wet spell of monsoon spread all over the state. But, the aggressive monsoon decided to take rest, at least in the city of Mumbai; so that people could come out and welcome the king of Konkan, in whose honour the film has been made.

‘Haapus’ which truly stands to its name, does sincerely speak about the exploitation of the poor mango growers from Konkan over the years by the money minded traders. But, keeping in mind the commercial success of the film, the film adds few sub plots to create that required humour and apprehension in the screenplay. The film is mainly filled with emotions of different characters and their reactions to every situation.
Anna Gurav (Shivaji Satam) the head of the family of one of the mango growers of a village in Konkan, is also a victim of this exploitation. He has no regrets, but tries to hide a past happening from his children. Like many others, happy with the price they get for their crop every year; he too is a contented person. One day Anna’s own son Ajit (Subodh Bhave) , who does his own research to grow a better crop, turns protagonist and decides to sell the product directly into market, without involving a middle man. He tries to persuade other crop growers, but the shrewd trader Chajed (Vidyadhar Joshi) blocks his plans, by playing the divide and rule policy. In the meanwhile, a school master from Marathwada – Digamber Kale( Makarand Anaspure) walks into the village on his new assignment and finds temporary shelter in Gurav’s house. He comes to the rescue of Ajit and the entire family of Gurav, including the auto rickshaw driver Subhya (Pushkar Shroti) who is in love with one of the twin daughters of Anna, support him in his mission against the trader.
Madhura Velankar Satam In Haapus
Director Abhijit Satam, who makes his debut as a director through this film, has handled the plot with sincerity, trying his best to show how difficult it is to break the traditional middle man business. With ‘United we stand’ policy of the family he shows sensible audience the way of direct marketing. ‘Haapus’ does take the help of humour with the director taking the advantage of the double role of Amruta-Ankita (played by Madhura, his wife) and offering some comedy scenes in ‘Seeta aur Geeta’ style. In fact, he concentrates on the main plot post interval, after entertaining the audience with a social family gathering.

Good thing about ‘Haapus’ is that there is no vulgarity in the screenplay as the film limits every character within a framework, not allowing anyone to overact or over react and offering enough space to one and all. Only unrealistic and predictable part in the film is the hospital scene in the climax, which has been influenced by some recent Bollywood films. In fact, every happening that takes place in the hospital, looks unnatural. Watch, when Pushkar Shroti walks into the hospital to inquire about Grandma’s health. It only creates laughter for no reason, among audience. But, the superb performances by all the artistes and the pace with which the screenplay moves, does help to surpass such scenes. Sunil Barve and Milind Pathak make special appearances at the right places to offer help to Gurav family during their time of crisis.

The picturesque Konkan has been shot well by Rahul Jadhav with his expert camera work. The director has also been more careful for the indoor scenes, to make them more realistic and hence has chosen the real locations in Kudal. The scenes of actual market place in Vashi have been captured well. Music of the film is just fine, with the title song more impressive than other two songs.

Shivaji Satam has given his best performance through this film in that tailor made role of Anna Gurav. Both Subodh Bhave and Makarand Anaspure are perfect choice in their respective roles. Madhura Velankar gets a chance to prove her ability as an actress offering variety. Sulbha Deshpande looks a perfect Grandma and gets due recognition. Mansi Maggikar (Anna Gurav’s wife) and Mrunal Deshpand e (Ajit’s wife) do not have much to their share, but they have done well. Swarsha Jadhav as the youngest member of Gurav family is good; but it is Pushkar Shroti, who outshines other co stars. Except for Shivaji Satam, there isn’t anyone else in the film, who could compete with him for using that typical Konkani dialect throughout the film. Prashant Damle, plays the Narrator with his voice over, to explain the situation at the beginning and end . In all, ‘Haapus’ is a package of straightforward family entertainer.

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