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Checkmate Marathi Movie
Rating: na
Company: Nishad Audio Visuals
Producer: Kanchan Satpute & Chandrashekhar Mahamuni
Story, Screenplay, Cinematography & Direction: Sanjay Jadhav
Dialogues: Vivek Apte
Music: Sunil Kaushik
Cast: Ankush Chaudhari, Swapnil Joshi, Sanjay Narvekar, Rahul Mehandale, Vinay Apte, Anand Abhyankar and Sonali khare
Movie Review by: Saurabh Karnik

Amazing cinematography. Awesome editing. Stunning special effects. Hey, I am not stating here specialties of Hollywood, nor I am talking about any latest Bollywood movie! These are major characteristics of our own Marathi movie ‘Checkmate’. Thanks to Sanjay Jadhav and his all team, who gifted such a beautiful movie to audiences.
It is a challenge for any writer to describe the story on paper. The story develops in front of audiences through various small pieces, which are the part of a puzzle. When all the pieces fix at appropriate position, puzzle gets solved and audiences understand complete story with a sudden shock. The story moves around three young guys who were cheated through fake financial scheme. Unfortunately all of them lost all their precious money that they had collected by cheated somebody. Now they come together and make a plan to recover their money.

So the story is all about implementation of the plan and troubles that had been faced while implementation. Everyone treat himself, as the master of the game and thus everyone became just a pawn for other character. But actual master of the game comes forward only at the end of the movie. Of course the remaining story has to be seen on screen itself and I promise all the readers that it is just a thrilling experience to watch it on a big screen. Sanjay Jadhav- one of the best cameraman in the industry has taken a huge risk in his directorial debut to come up with such kind of risky story. One small mistake in presentation could have been destroyed the whole film. But he trusted his own abilities and as a result Marathi Film Industry got such a wonderful movie.

Sanjay Narvekar In Checkmate

Ankush Chaudhari, Swapnil Joshi, Sanjay Narvekar, Rahul Mehandale, Vinay Apte, Anand Abhyankar and Sonali khare are the main star-cast of the movie. None of them our new to us, and everybody has acted impressively. But Swpanil Joshi is the real surprising package for viewers. We have seen him in many hindi and Marathi serials, but none of those gave him a chance to show his real skills. This was his first opportunity had made no mistake. His ‘bolbacchangiri’, facial expressions and even dialog delivery is extremely good. Ankush, Vinay and Sanjay are as good as expected. Sonali doesn’t have much scope in the film.

Swpanil Joshi In Checkmate
As I stated earlier, technical side is the real strength of the movie. Sanjay Jadhav himself handled camera, cinematography, and direction and he did every job perfectly. Sunil Kaushik’s background music adds good essence in the story.

Marthi Film Industry had never faced shortage of good stories or actors. It was the technical part, where it was lacking. With this movie we can surely say that the industry has came over this aspect also. We can surely consider it as a new beginning and if others will also follow Sanjay, golden days of Marathi Film Industry are not long away.

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