Marathi Film Anandi Anand Review

Anandi Anand Poster
Rating: na
Presenter: Phenomenal Group
Producers: N. K. Shih
Director: Purushottam Berde
Story & Screenplay : Purushottam Berde
Lyrics: Sandeep Khare
Music: Dr. Salil Kulkarni
Cast: Anandraj, Priya Bapat, Rajan Tamhane, Latika Gore, Chinmay Kolhatkar, Vikram Gokhale, Suhas Joshi, Mohan Joshim, Vandana Gupte, Mangesh Desai, Paddy Kamble, Akshya Bhingarde, Sumit Pawar, Swamini Wadkar
Movie Review by: Ulhas Shirke

‘Anandi Anand’ directed by Purushottam Berde is now running into fourth week in Mumbai and that certainly invites the attention of those who missed this film during the first three weeks after its release that almost coincided with big banner Hindi films. It is a simple tale of a young girl Anandi – a college drop out; who prefers to live with her Grandparents in a picturesque village in Konkan, rather than migrating to US with her parents. The reason being simple; she does not approve the present system of education and also hates the modern city lifestyle. Instead, she prefers to educate herself with traditional values from her grandparents, learning music and spending most of her time with nature along with a group of few friends in the neighborhood.
When time comes closer for her arranged marriage to a US returned youngster – son of a music company owner, she flatly refuses the proposal; but, at the request of her beloved grand parents, she agrees to marry this boy on certain conditions. The boy, who is highly impressed by her voice, is very keen on using the same for his next assignment. After marriage, Anandi moves to Mumbai. But, the nature loving girl, not happy with city environment, goes into depression and is advised to return back to her village, on the advice of the doctor. With few moments of ups and downs, she finally sings for her husband’s own music album. With happy ending, Anandi and Anand reunite. Priya Bapat, Vikram Gokhale, Suhas Joshi in Anandi Anand

Priya Bapat Vikram Gokhale
Director Purushottam Berde, has paid more attention to show the contrast between a busy city lifestyle and a village with natural beauty. How could a person used to living a free bird’s life in an open environment, be happy in a cage type of flat system? He has specifically hinted at the life within four closed walls, restricted to dinner table and television. Also the excessive noise and air pollution on the streets, which would annoy any peace loving person, has been shown in a tricky manner. There are other similar issues, he has tried to emphasize through the film’s script. But, he has used an outdated ploy to show Anandi and her friends harassing and scaring Anand and his friend, during their first visit to their village. Barring such few scenes, the film has been presented well.

Magnificent Outdoor photography at beautiful locations of Konkan, particularly Pawas & Mhavalange off Ratnagiri; supported by good music by Dr. Salil Kulkarni, adds extra flavour to the film’s script. Priya Bapat as Anandi is highly impressive as she gets a lifetime role Playing the central character. Very good support comes from popular co artistes like Vikram Gokhale, Suhas Joshi ( who play her Grandparents), Mohan Joshi, Vandana Gupte, Rajan Tamhane, Comedians – Mangesh Desai, Paddy and others. The hero- newcomer Anandraj, however is a mismatch into the cast. Moreover, in the company of all versatile actors around, he was only exposed, though he wasn’t that bad. It is surprising that the director with solid stage background, could not find a newcomer suited for that role of a foreign returned youngster; if at all they wanted a newcomer. If there was any other talented youngster in his place, the film would have been a hit, with the help of other positive points.

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