‘Agadbam’ is the kind of film that speaks about the change that Marathi film industry

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Rating: na
Presenter: R. K. Entertaiment
Producer: Trupti Bhoir
Direction: Satish Motiling
Story: Abhijeet Joshi
Camera: Satish Motling
Music: Ajeet And Sameer
Cast: Makrand Anaspure, Trupti Bhoir, Usha Nadkarni, Chitra Navathe, Vikas Samudre, Narayan Jadhav, Tejaswee Patil, Mahesh Kokate, Mangesh Satpute
Movie Review by: Namita Majgankar

At a time when obesity is on the rise in our country, Trupti Bhoir comes up with a unique theme through her latest film ‘Agadbam’. Aptly titled, the film talks about the strange happenings in the life of an obese girl Najuka weighing 250 kgs with a huge structure. Najuka’s father has fixed her marriage while she was a child to his friend’s son and it’s a commitment given to a priest in the temple of Lord Lingoba.

When the communication is reached between the two parties after so many years reminding each other about the promise, the stage is set to get Najuka married to late Devkule’s son Raiba, who is not allowed to see the bride, as per the tradition. Raiba, who is otherwise desperate to get married, agrees to marry Najuka with this condition. But, when he finds Najuka in her real shape, he starts hating her. Though Najuka wins the heart of her Mother-in-law and Grand Mother-in-law; with her good nature; she fails to win over her husband.
The film’s screenplay makes you a part of their family friends developing sympathy towards Najuka. When Najuka leaves her husband’s place; Raiba realizes his mistake as he is made to understand by people around him, explaining the meaning of a good ideal wife. Finally everything ends well with a happy note.

‘Agadbam’ is the kind of film that speaks about the change that Marathi film industry has brought in technical areas. Watch the Prosthetic make-up of Trupti Bhoir in that role of Najuka and you will be stunned. The usage of VFX and DI makes the film perfect in presentation. Cinematographer and director Satish Motling has used his expertise to present the film, keeping in mind the plus points of Najuka’s character. Makarand Anaspure, Trupti Bhoir, Usha Nadkarni
Trupti has dared to present herself in that get-up throughout the film, except for two songs in dream sequence , where she appears normal.

Makarand Anaspure

Dialogues of the film have been written by Mangesh Kulkarni, keeping in mind the mixture of village and city lifestyle. Few dialogues to impress upon the financing institution like IDBI bank were uncalled for, but they have been used to make their media partners happy. The screenplay of the film is otherwise well presented, with good editing work. You will never feel bored throughout the film. Makarand Anaspure as Raiba and Usha Nadkarni as his mother fit in perfectly into their respective roles. Trupti has played her character perfectly, to derive sympathy from the audience. She has paid more attention on her body language, especially her walking style and her voice. Music of the film is good, with two meaningful songs and one dhamaal song inviting the attention.

In all, ‘Agadbam’ is a well presented entertaining film, with a message. The film is sure to invite the attention of viewers, even other than Maharashtrians; for its novel theme. It will not be surprising, if the film maker receives offers for a remake in other languages.

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