New Marathi Movie 'Gulmohar' Directed By Gajendra Ahire,

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Gulmohar Movie: Gulmohar
Director: Gajendra Ahire
Producer: Uttam Zavar
Presenter: Morya Arts Pvt Ltd
Story: Gajendra Ahire

We all have dreams but they say it takes hard work to fulfil these dreams. It may be years before one can realise these dreams, struggle and fight the odds. People who can fulfil their dreams are the most successful and satisfied ones. Based such a story of realising one’s dreams is the movie, Gulmohar.

The movie directed by Gajendra Ahire revolves around Vidhya and Deven Dampatya. Vidhya is an all-rounder, she looks after the house and handles her career. She cares for her husband, loves him a lot and supports him in everything he does. Deven is just the opposite, he is a big failure in life. He tends to neglect his house while working, he is always under stress. Vidhya is the only person concerned about the house. At such times, man named Bhagwan comes in her life. In the process of helping Bhagwan in shaping his life, some misconceptions about the relationship between them comes up. Deven alleges her of infidelity. Gulmohar is about how Vidhya comes out of this mess and gets backs into life.

Uttam Zawar has produced this movie, the leading star cast including Rajat Kapoor, Sonali Kulkarni, Mohan Agashe, Jitendra Joashi and Girija Oak.

So don’t forget to catch the movie which will be releasing in the theatres on Feb 27

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