New serial ‘Uncha Majha Zoka’ soon on Zee Marathi


Zee Marathi will soon offer a new period serial ‘Uncha Majha Zoka’ which is based on the subject of child marriage that existed during late 19th century. The story of this serial revolves around one such marriage of a 11 year old girl from a village in Satara, who was married during her studying and playing age to a young educated and reformed youngster double her age. But, the youngster decided to offer education to the girl. He himself offered her training besides arranging a teacher to teach her.

The girl, was criticized by the elderly women at home, in absence of her husband. But, in spite of all these hurdles, she completed her education and remained like a shadow with her husband for next 27 years till his death. Even after his death, she devoted herself to social service. This is a real story of Ramabai Ranade wife of Justice Mahadeo Govind Ranade, Great scholar and Social reformer. The life of Ramabai and her work will be presented through this serial for the first time on small screen.

Produced by Picolo Films and directed by Viren, ‘Unch Majha Zoka’ stars Sharad Ponkshe, Kavita Lad, Shailesh Datar, Shilpa Tulaskar with child artiste Tejashree Walawalkar and Vikram Gaekwad. Veteran actor Shrikant Moghe makes a special appearance through this serial.

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