‘Savitri’ is not time-bound character ” Sameera Gujar”

Samira Gujar Savitra

Marathi literature has got a huge tradition of “women empowerment” stories. Many authors has unveiled various aspects of woman and contributed in women empowerment movement. Later Marathi films carried the same social responsibility and now Marathi serials are also transmitting the same tradition.

Savitri‘ – the new Marathi serial at Zee Marathi belongs to the same folklore. The serial is designed to catch up the prime time female audiences and to provide a nice entertainment at 7 o’ clock for weekdays.

Samira Gujar  a prominent upcoming face is plating a lead character called Tanvi. Samira sounds quiet exciting about her role. “After long struggle of 8 years I am playing a lead role in this serial. Tanvi is self empowered women and she doesn’t restrict her qualities to herself. But also helps the other women in society. It is dream of every woman to present a character like this. I have no doubt that whole Maharashtra will accept me and I’ll become one of their family member.”

The Tanvi is next door girl in the serial. Young, innocent honest, cultured and so on… but she has guts to fight against odds. She lends a hand toward her weak, exploited friends, Fights for them even by sacrificing her life. “It wasn’t a too difficult task for me to represt Tanvi” says Samira.My nature more or less matches Tanvi. But I strongly feel that every Indian womean should acquire qualities of Savitri. She fought for her husband. Many values have been changed over a period of time. But ‘Savitri’ is still ideal lady. Tanvi tries to provoke ‘Savitri’  that is hidden somewhere in every Indian woman.

Basically daily soaps are made for targeting female audiences and ‘Savitri’ is haunting characters since ancient times. Samira Gujar ha already been accepted by Marathi audiences through various serials. Thus it won’t be a surprise if it catches the TRP.

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