'Marathi Paaul Padte Pudhe...' new reality show. The show is all set to hit the TV Screens from 24th January 2011 - Every Monday and Tuesday @ 9.30 pm, on Zee Marathi.
'Marathi Paaul Padte Pudhe...'- new reality show
Monday, January 24 2011 | © MMW News

Zee Marathi is all set to showcase the exclusive talents from the roots of Maharashtra through its new show 'Marathi Paaul Padte Pudhe'. After completing auditions in 6 different cities across Maharashtra, final 56 artists have finally made their way to the platform of ‘Marathi Paaul Padte Pudhe’. In selection process, some extraordinary, breath taking performances were witnessed by the selectors.

Known for its art & culture, Maharashtra has many original talents hidden in every corner of the state. After bringing different forms of talents in singing, dancing & stand-up comedy through its popular shows Idea Sa Re Ga Ma Pa, Ekapeksha Ek, Hasya Samrat etc. now 'Marathi Paaul Padte Pudhe' is one more gift coming from Zee Marathi.

Nitin Desai, the highly acclaimed art director from Bollywood, is the producer of this reality show, show is conceptualised by Zee Marathi. Jitendra Joshi will be the anchor for this show and for the first time, while glamorous model & actress Mugdha Godse along with versatile actor Makarand Deshpande will play the role of judges.

The show is all set to hit the TV Screens from 24th January 2011 - Every Monday and Tuesday @ 9.30 pm, on Zee Marathi.

Marathi Paul Padate Pudhe

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Bhushan Chavhan
Bhushana Chavan | Sun, May 1, 2011 at 8:47 PM
About auditions of the program
Congratulations on the grand success of marathi paaul padte pudheshow to all the team!!!!!!!!!!!, i am from nashik, and am very sad that because of the reason that we stay away from mumbai and we are not having any facility, the young talent from our region stays hidden. so I would like to tell the team to please give us the necesary facilities and let our hidden potential be explored......... please this is a request from me to please inform us about the auditions! then only the paaul of marathi manus will go further. and every one can say"marathi paaul padte pudhe"!!!
 P. R. Sakthivel
P.R.Sakthivel | Mon, Jan 31, 2011 at 11:07 PM
Wha! Wah!
Mi mulath Madrasi, pan mala marathi manoos asnyacha abhiman ahe. Thumchya hya paaul ashech abhimanane phude padath rahaveth ashe vichha balgtoy. Hya karyakrama magche sarva diggachana majha manacha mudra! Jai Hind! Jai Maharashtra !
Pankaj Pawar
Pankaj Pawar | Thu, Jan 27, 2011 at 12:24 PM
 Marathi paul padate pudhe
va!!!!! ata milel india la khara talent karan ata marathi paul padat ahepudhe.
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