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Asha Kale honored with 'Manus' award.
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Senior actress Asha Kale was honored with Manus award , which is given by 'Rangat Sangat Foundation' and 'Sahil Foundation'. Asha Kale has important contributions in the history of Marathi Cinema.

The award was presented by DGP S. P. S Yadav. Ajay Sarpotdar, Pratibha Shahu Modak and Pramod Aadkar were also present during the ceremony.

Asha Kale said, "It was my mother's dream that I should become a good human being. Thus this award is very important to me." She also added that she has learned a lot from Shahu Modak's films like 'Manus' and 'Sant Dnyaneshvar'.

S.P.S Yadav pointed out that the award is given in the memory of movie 'Manus', which depicted the life of an honest police officer. He said that Shau Modak's portrayal of Police Officer is still an ideal for police officers.

Asha Kale
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Fri, Jun 26, 2009 at 10:24 AM
Asha Kale
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