‘Mandala Don Ghadicha Daaw’ On Star Pravah


STAR Pravah, which has brought to you some interesting shows like ‘Mann Udhan Varyanche’, ‘Swapnanchya Palikadle’, ‘Olakh’ & ‘Tujha Vin Sakhya Re’, are now all set to present their latest offering ‘Mandala Don Ghadicha Daaw’- an interesting story of two sisters. The show reflects the relationship between two sisters and how the elder one sacrifices for the younger one’s deeds. Premiering on January 24 at 9.30pm from Monday to Saturday ‘Mandala Don Ghadicha Daaw’ will take viewers through the journey of innocent Anagha Patankar (Smita Shevale), a simple and responsible Maharashtrian girl who falls prey to the callous attitude of her younger sister Antara Patankar (Anuja Sathe), a beautiful and lively girl, who cares for nothing in this world beyond herself.

‘Mandala Don Ghadicha Daaw’ will replace another popular show ‘Tujhe Ni Majhe Ghar Shrimantanche’ and being a successor, it promises to provide even more exciting entertainment for the entire family. Anagha is a post-graduate in Sanskrit and finds happiness in her younger sister’s antics and her grandmother’s tales. She has left the decision of choosing her life partner with her parents while Antara, a brat and pampered by her elder sister Anagha, starts liking the most handsome Maharashtrian middle class boy in her college Viren Vagh (Saurabh Gokhale). Viren is a highly ambitious boy with a zest to pursue his dream of becoming a successful entrepreneur and sees an ideal partner in Antara. The story revolves around these three individuals, their complex relationships, the ups and downs in their lives, and extent to which the elder sister sacrifices her life and surrenders herself to the unpredictable fate.

Directed by the popular and talented Mangesh Kanthale and produced by Namita Vartak’s Farm Film Productions, ‘Mandala Don Ghadicha Daaw’ stars Smita Shevale, Saurabh Gokhale and Anuja Sathe in lead roles.

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