'Jhing Chik Jhing' - a story of hope

'Jhing Chik Jhing' - a story of hope
09 January 10 | © MMW News

While all eyes are set to watch Bharat Jadhav in a serious kind of role in his forthcoming film ‘Shikshnachya Aaichcha Gho’, his another film ‘Jhing Chik Jhing’ is the major attraction at the ongoing Pune International film festival. In this film Bharat Jadhav plays a poor farmer- Mauli, who is under heavy debt. Set against the backdrop of issues like poverty, debt and farmer’s suicides in rural Maharashtra, ‘Jhing Chik Jhing’ goes on to tell the adventure filled story of  Mauli’s son Shyam. Mauli owns a small plot of land in a village, where he grows cotton. The family is under heavy debt and have to repay a loan of Rs. 10,000/- to the moneylender.

Shyam, who is good at his studies has his own dreams; but he understands the situation at home. One day he finds an opportunity, when he comes to know from his school about a sack race that would fetch the winner a prize of Rs. 10,000/- . With the support of his sister Deepti and close friend Gautam he works hard preparing himself for the race. When Mauli learns about his son’s ambition, he too supports him. Finally, the D- day arrives and Shyam runs the race of his life. Whether he succeeds in his mission or not ? ‘Jhing Chik Jhing’ climax holds the key. With its opening at the ongoing festival, the film focuses on international audience with this universal theme.

The year 2010 has already proved to be lucky for Marathi films, with ‘Natarang’ setting new records from the first day of the year. There are many more films just waiting for their release in the days to come and ‘Jhing Chik Jhing’ is certainly one of them. The film stars Bharat Jadhav, Madhavi Juvekar, Dilip Prabhavalkar & Sanjay Mone. But, the artistes to watch are three wonder kids - Chimay kambli playing Shyam, Aarti More – playing Shyam’s sister Deepti  and  Prateek Dalvi playing Shyam’s close friend Gautam. Directed by Nitin Nandan, the film is a Cogito Entertainment  presentation.

Jjhing Chik Jhing
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