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• Javed Ali has sang to Marathi tunes in Mohan Aavate (true man, true story).
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After SP Balasubramanyam, Sonu Nigam, Kunal Ganjawala, Hariharan, its now Hindi music's famous and topmost singer who has given his voice to songs in Gajani, Jodha Akbar Javed Ali has sang to Marathi tunes in the movie Mohan Aavate (true man, true story). The song ‘Jadle Nate’ has been written by producer and musician Aniruddha Kale. Speaking about his new venture, Ali said, “I have sung songs in many languages but I always wanted to sing in Marathi. I am thankful to Aniruddha and Subhash Kale for giving me this opportunity.”

Mohan Aavate, a story about a man who is extremely intelligent but cannot seen injustice being done to others started with its shoot with a mahurat at the Ajiwasan Studio.

The movie produced under the banner of musician Aniruddha Kale and Haroon Shaikh’s Arch Film and Entertainment is about Mohan who does not think about the consequences of his action and goes ahead to help the person in need. It is about how his short-tempered personality causes a lot of in his love life and also brings problems in his social life.

The movie, been directed by Subhash Kale, has actors Sanjay Narvekar , Siya Patil in the lead role. Sanjay Narvekar has worked in movie like Vastav and is now doing a movie called Pakkya Bhai. The plot and the dialogues are written by Subhash Kale. The story is by Aniruddha Kale. The other actors are Mohan Joshi, Mohan Aghase, Nirmal Pande, Ahok Shinde, Madhu Kambikar.

The movie will start its shooting in full swing from March 13.

Javed Ali has sang to Marathi tunes