‘Ha Bharat Maza’ (India is my country) ..a timely film

Ha bharat

Sumitra Bhave & Sunil Sukthankar are well known Marathi film makers, who have 10 feature films to their credit. The duo has not only won many awards at the state and national level for successfully sending strong social message through their films but have also received international awards for their films ‘Doghi’ and ‘Chakori’.

Their new film ‘Ha Bharat Maza’ is a timely film, set on the backdrop of the present atmosphere in the country, which is charged with Anna Hazare’s India Against Corruption movement. Today, everyone in India, whether political & non-political, young & old, men & women are affected by the movement. Sukhatme family projected through their film is no exception.
Ha Bharat Majha
In the film, Anna Sukhatme recalls a story of his great grandfather. In good old days in a village Anna’s great grandfather had a Peepul tree in his courtyard, where villagers used to assemble to share their moments of sorrow & joy. One day he noticed that the tree is drying. He peeped in his mind, wondering whether he had done any wrong…..All the villagers started looking into their minds, whether they had done anything wrong….
The Peepul tree blossomed again!
India against corruption movement today inspires everyone of us to protect the ‘Peepul trees’ in our courtyards!

The film depicts a story of a family- Anna Sukhatme, his wife, a married daughter Varsha and two sons Indra and Raghav. Indra is aspiring to become a computer engineer and is falling short of just one percent in the entrance examination.
Getting the admission in a renowned college is only possible by offering exorbitant donation to the academic institute. The family is going through a dilemma. The efforts of raising a huge sum for the donation poses big challenge to their fundamental family values.

Produced & Directed by Sumitra Bhave & Sunil Sukthankar the Story-Screenplay-Dialogues are written by Sumitra Bhave. Camera by Amol Gole, Editing & Sound by Virendra Valsangkar and Music by Shailendra Barve, the film’s star cast comprises of well known artistes like Vikram Gokhakle, Uttara Baokar, Renuka Daftardar, Alok Rajwade, Jitendra Joshi, Devika Daftardar, Omkar Govardhan, Kishor Kadam, Deepa Shriram.

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