Mahesh Kothare's son Adinath Kothare is making his debut as a producer with the film 'FULL 3 DHAMAL'..

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Mahesh Kothare's FULL 3 DHAMAL
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First Marathi Film entirely shot in Ratnagiri. Shooting completed in 25 days, from 31st December 2007 to 24th January 2008. Post Production in full swing. Releasing in April 2008.

Mahesh Kothare’s son Adinath Kothare is making his debut as a producer with this film.

The film is about three housewives. They were once the Phatakaas of their college. And they were the best of friends in college. They lost all contact with each other after marriage. Today they are so much engrossed in their married life that they have forgotten that once they were highly desirable. Their husbands have been taking them for granted. They have forgotten the concept of enjoyment. Each one has a peculiar family….with typical in-laws and husbands who think of only themselves….what is normally happening in many middle class families. Then once by sheer chance they happen to meet. They realize that they need to relive the old days of college and really unwind. They decide to get together and have fun for at least a few days. They want to unwind. They decide to let their hair down and have some real good fun. But what do they tell at their respective homes? They take a decision. They say they are going on a pilgrimage to Ashta Vinaayak through Prasanna Travels. But in fact they come to Ratnagiri at the Kohinoor Samudra Beach Resort. This is where the fun begins.

Yes! This is the story of three such females who are basically extremely good-looking but have forgotten all about it. They have forgotten that they in fact have a beautiful body and even today are really very sexy too.

It is a bold projection of today’s housewives and how they are taken for granted by their husbands. It is the story of such three housewives who think that WHY SHOULD BOYS HAVE ALL THE FUN – and they decide to have three days of their own and have