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Movie:  Vanshvel
Rating:   1 1 1 half average
Genre:  Drama
Release Year:  2013
Company / Studio:  Archit Films
Producers:  Sunil Damodar Mankar
Director:  Rajeev Patil
Executive Producer:  Anad Patil

Production Manager:

Amit Kulkarni
Story: Damodar Narayan Mankar
Screenplay:  Rajeev Patil, Datta Patil
Dialogues:  Datta Patil
Lyrics:  Datta Patil, Saumitra
Music:  Amit Raj
Singers:  Adarsh Shinde, Kunal Ganjawala, Kirti Killedar, Pranjal Deshpande, Meena Parulekar Nikam
Cinematography (DOP):  Amalendu Chaudhary
Assit. Cinematography:   
Art:   Arun Rahane, Prasad Rahane
Choreography:  Vitthal Patil
Creative Head:
Make Up:  
Hair Style:  


 Poornima Oak
Background Score:   
Music Arrangers:   
Recording Studio:   
Sound Studio:   
Publicity Photographer:  
Publicity Designs:  
Public Relation Officer: Ganesh Gargote
Editor:  Rajesh Rao
Cast:  Ankush Choudhary, Kishor Kadam, Sushant Shelar, Shantanu Gangane, Namrata Gaikwad, Manisha Kelkar,  Usha Naik, Vidya Karanjikar
Synopsis:  The film revolves around a powerful person from a village Mr. Dadasaheb Deshmukh ( Kishore kadam) who is very dominant . His word is always final. Dadasaheb runs his own hospital, besides involving himself with other social activities. His elder son Nilesh ( Sushant Shelar) who is a doctor, manages the hospital and is married to Priyanka-a housewife( Manisha kelkar).His second son Anil ( Shantanu Gangane) who is into farming business, is newly married to a Gynaecologist Sayali ( Namrata Gaikwad). Dadasaheb, being male dominant, expects to have a grandson in the family, as early as possible .
Distributor:  Pickle Entertainment, (Sameer Dixit)
Light Equipments:   
Camera Attendance:   
Editing Studio:   

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Vanshvel, Marathi Movie       Vanshvel, Marathi Movie

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Kishor KadamNot long ago he was known as a poet and with the name of 'Saumitra' he released his collections which were well accepted. 'Garvaa' was the most popular one Known for his portrayal of shrewd Businessman cum Politician in serials like 'Asambhav' and 'Kulavadhu', Kishore was recently seen in a different role of an eunuch in the film 'Jogwa'. .... Read Continue »


Vanshvel, Manisha Kelkar, Namrata GaikwadThe issue of Female feticide has been discussed in few Marathi films in the recent past. The most recent was through the film 'Mokala Shwaas'. But, now late Rajiv Patil has presented the same issue in his own way, to send across a strong message to the society. It is very unfortunate that the talented film maker, who gave some sensible films like 'Sanai Choughade', 'Jogwa' and 'Pangira'; passed away little before the release of this last offering in the form of 'Vanshavel'...
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