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Movie: Hrudaynath
Rating: –
Genre: Drama
Release Year: 2012
Company: H2H Entertainment.
Producer: Nitesh Waghdhare.
Co Producers:
Director: Amar Gupte
Assistant Director:
Production Manager:
Story: Amar Gupte
Lyrics: Milind Joshi, Shrirang Godabole, Aashay
Music: Santosh Mulekar.
Singers: Shankar Mahadevan , Adnan Sami , Sunidhi Chauhan , Hamsika Iyyer.
Choreography: Remo D’Souza
Assit. Cinematography:
Creative Assistant:
Make Up:
Hair Style:
Background Score:
Music Arrangers:
Recording Studio:
Sound :
Sound Design:
Publicity Photographer:
Publicity Designs:
Public Relation Officer: Friends in Deed
Cast: Jackie Shroff , Aditya Pancholi , Urmila Matondkar , Chinmayi Sumeet , Swarangi Marathe , Amey Hunaswadkar, Arun kadam, Prashant Neman,
A principally handicapped person doesn’t deserve a life, this is the principal of life Mr. Sawant follows. A teacher sby profession and importantly ‘Efficient” and that earns him the respect and awe from the society and they have along with his family accepted this principle, whether admittedly or unadmittedly. He was more a Tatya than Sawant Sir for everybody, not only for his village but also at district level…. Undoubtedly his social work was of that stature and even after his retirement people would seek his advice. Tatya would solve their individual, social and family issues.

Tatya had great support of Mai….. she was a wife of a teacher, an ideal teacher. A frugal life and its progress with the progressive salary…. But Mai remain unchanged just like Tatya’s principles.Daughter Akshata studious but as she was denied further education in city, she is completing her education in her village itself…. A nice family with principles and a disaster was waiting.

Tatya could not sustain…. A major heart attack….
He was taken to hospital….
The only recourse to the doctors was heart transplantation and that needed a donor.

Doctors with great efforts managed one heart and they successfully operated it on Tatya…. Tatya returned home.

But he was a changed Tatya….. he was less of his principles and more of ill principled goon. Tatya started drinking, smoking. Women who had great respect for Tatya earlier, with his changed behavior started hiding themselves from him. The unknown ill things like local fight, haftavasuli became daily routines in the village There was no face left to the society and there was no way out. The Mai took a bold decision….. Did Mai succeed in her decision? Or could his daughter was successful in teaching her father who always taught her good things………………….?

Thus, is the story of life with full of struggle and struggle of principles…. ‘Hrudaynath’
Finance Advisor:
Light Equipments:
Camera Attendance:
Editing Studio:
Jim jeap:
Urmila MatondkarActress Urmila Matondkar
Event Photo / Movie Stills
Chinmayee Sumit Arun Kadam Jacky Shroff
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