Marathi Movie Bandya Aani Baby | Directed by Subhash Phadke

Movie Detail of  Bandya Aani Baby
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Movie:  Bandya Aani Baby
Rating:  Average
Genre:  Romantic, Comedy
Release Year:  2010
Company:  Shree Sainath Creation
Producer:  Ashok Chitra, Pattem Viryya (Viru), Dr. Bhausaheb Kanse
Ex-Producers:  -
Production Controller: -
Directors:  Subhash Phadke
Story:  Subhash Phadke
Screenplay:  Subhash Phadke
Dialogues:  Subhash Phadke
Lyrics:  Sandip Khare
Music:  Dr. Saleel Kulkarni
Singers:  Dr. S. P. Balsubramanyam, Dr. Saleel Kulakrni
Choreography:  -
Cinematography:  Naren Gedia
Art:  -
Publicity Designt: -
Make up: -
Costumes: -
Sound: -
Editor:  -
Cast:  Prasad Oak, Saii Ranade Sane, Pushkar Shroti
Synopsis:  An unusual tale of a young boy (Bandya) and a young girl (Baby), who land in Pune for their respective jobs and share the same room without the knowledge of the girl. The caretakers of the society, as a special case try to accommodate Bandya in the same room, where Baby lives, so that they could make double money. Bandya being a graduate, works in a multi national company as a Night watchman. The caretakers arrange for a separate ladder from behind for Bandya to enter and exit the room, while Baby is away in office....
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