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Movie: Agadbam
Rating: not yet
Genre: Comedy
Release Year: 2010
Company: R. K. Entertaiment
Producer: Trupti Bhoir
Ex-Producers: Vilas Bhoir, Shalini Bhoir
Directors: Satish Motiling
Story: Abhijeet Joshi
Screenplay: Mangesh Kulkarni, Shantanu Rode
Dialogues: Mangesh Kulkarni
Lyrics: Guru Thakur
Music: Ajit – Sameer
Singers: Vaishali Samant, Anad Shinde, Ajeet Parab
Choreography: Jivendra Gujrathi, Rajesh Bidve
Cinematography: Satish Motling
Art: Prashant Rane
Production Controller: Chandrashekhar Nannavare
Creative Assistant:
Spe. Makeup: Anil Premgirikar
Costumes: Mrunal Parab
Lab: Reliance Media Works
SVFX::  Krushan Sherry (Reliance media works)
Promo:  Trailer Wizards
Publicity Designs:  P9 Integretes
DI Colourist:: Santosh Mhatre
Sound: Sandip Raul (Aaradhana Studio)
Sound Recording: Ashwin Vhyaval
Editor: Manoj Sankla, Mahesh Pakhare, Lio
Cast: Makrand Anaspure, Trupti Bhoir, Usha Nadkarni, Chitra Navathe, Vikas Samudre, Narayan Jadhav, Tejaswee Patil, Mahesh Kokate, Mangesh Satpute
Synopsis: Hello ! This is Devkule family, welcoming you all. In this family, you will find many strange characters. There is a blind Grandma, who does not accept that she is blind. She always wears glasses and poses as if she can see everything.

Devidaas, is Raiba’s father, who is no more,  but keeps making his appearance to remind his wife and his friend about his promise, as if he is alive.

Paru, alias Parvatitai, in spite of having proper vision is a  victim of  blind faith. She is very possessive about her son but at the same time, argues with him over his marriage issue.

And, what to say about Raiba Devkule ? He is the most eligible bachelor, ever ready to tie a knot with any girl, who is willing to marry him. In short , he is desperate to marry any girl, provided……  .

Raiba’s aspirations are very big.
Spacious house
A big car
& Fat salary
What, if he gets everything huge ?
Let us find out, by watching ‘Agadbam’

Distributors: Pickle Entertainment
Awards: -

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