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Tejashree Pradhan, Actress

Actors generally find their roles in television serials and films, after performing on stage. But, in the case of Tejashree Pradhan, it was the other way. After doing TV serials and films, she expressed her wish to perform on stage through her colleagues; and she was selected in the lead role in Kumar Sohni’s ‘Fakta Tujhi Saath Haviy’. The play is drawing good crowds, for its timely presentation and subject. It revolves around the central character of a young girl Chhaya Prabhu, who after her graduation, is making all efforts to face this competitive world. In spite of being a total newcomer to stage, today Tejashree has earned name and fame through her wonderful performance in this play. Marathi Movie World spoke to Tejashree, who has also completed 650 episodes of the serial ‘Lek Ladaki Ya Gharchi’ on E TV, in the lead role. Excerpts from an interview:
Q: Generally, we find actors entering television and films, after performing on stage. Why, it was a reverse process in your case?
A: My passion for acting obviously drove me first towards the glamour world. It all began with television and films , through ‘Ya Gojirvanya Gharaat’ and ‘Zenda’. I knew one thing that I could perform confidently in front of the camera. My lead role in ‘Lek Ladaki Ya Gharchi’ developed confidence in me. But, I always felt that I should take up the challenge of performing on stage in a drama. Having seen many senior artistes working with me in serials, I always wanted to be part of the stage. Since my college days, it was my wish, but never had an opportunity. This time, I made up my mind and spoke about my wish to some of my co-artistes. When Milind Pathak told me that
Mr. Kumar Sohni was finalizing his cast for his forthcoming play; I approached him. I frankly told him, that I had no stage experience. Yet, he felt that I could play his Chhaya Prabhu. It was his confidence in me; that enabled me to give my best.

Q: Were you surprised with your selection?
A: Yes, initially I was surprised. But, when Mr. Kumar Sohni told me that he had seen my performance in ‘Zenda’ and liked it; I was happy that I was selected on the basis of my performance in the film, though it was not a big role. In fact, the director’s trust in me that I could play this role, boosted my morale.

Q: What is so special about this character of Chhaya Prabhu?
A: In this play, Chhaya Prabhu represents today’s middle class young girl, who after her graduation is deciding seriously about her career. The struggle she has to undergo, certainly inspires today’s young girls. In the earlier days, three basic necessities of human being were Anna, Vastra and Nivara ( Food, clothes and shelter). But, today, Money also comes under the category of necessity. Chhaya Prabhu faces all the challenges, adopting ethical ways and realizing her limits. I think, Kumar Sohni has been able to bring out the best out of me, through this play, which revolves around my character.

Q: Did you notice any change in your performance in front of the camera, after getting this stage experience?
A: The change was obviously spotted by my co-artistes, who gave me a feedback that I had become more matured, as an actress. According to them, my reactions by way of expressions through body language had improvised, especially while listening to others in a particular scene.

Q: How much of support you receive from your family? Do they encourage you ?
A: Yes, without the support of my parents, I would not have opted for this acting career. When my sister became a doctor, my mother always felt that all the five fingers were not the same. She did not insist that I should choose a particular stream. When she knew that I was interested in this profession; she suggested me to devote myself completely to the profession of my choice. In the initial stages, she used to accompany me during film shooting. But, it was just for offering me company. I always saw her sitting in one corner reading books. She never interfered in my work. Later she stopped coming with me, once she realized that I was strong enough to take care of myself.

Q: Your Mega serial ‘Lek Laadki Ya Gharchi’ is still going strong. Do you consider it as a big success?
A: Yes, I take it as a success. The serial has completed 650 episodes, which speaks about its popularity. It was even rated high in TRPs, as one of the popular programmes on E TV. We have a very good team and I enjoy every moment, while on the sets. We have atmosphere like a real family. For the past three days I am continuously shooting; but , didn’t feel the pressure. I am, so deeply involved with this project.

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