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We have seen him on stage, on television and on big screen as well. His serious roles in movies such as ‘Kshan’, ‘Sakhi’, ‘Mann Pakharu Pakharu’ were appreciated by us. He is a household name with his negative role Bhushan in Zee Marathi’s daily soap ‘Kalat Nakalat’. Recently you have seen him Shreyas Talpade’s ‘Sanai Chaughade’.

Subodh BhaveYes, we are talking about the owner of a distinguished matchmaking organization in ‘Sanai Chaughade’ – Rahul Borgaonkar alias our own Subodh Bhave… MMW brings a homely discussion with Subodh to all the netizens.

Q: Tell us about yourself, theatre, television, movies…how this journey started as an actor?
I was a very simple guy in my school days, wasn’t much interested in acting. I used to participate in dance, plays and school activities only because my friends and family used to appreciate it. But mainly I spent more time on the ground, playing different sports. I was in sixth, when I joined ‘Natya Sanskar Kala Academy’ during summer break, that too just because my parents wanted me to join it. I learnt many things in the academy related to dramatics, right from acting, direction, art direction and many other things. I acted – directed many one act plays during my college days which gave me a confidence. I started with a play called ‘Chandrapurchya Jangalaat’, which not only gave me few awards but critics’ recognition as well. This play taught me many things. I was totally associated with theatre and drama after that and did many one act plays. My role in another play called ‘Asach ek divas’ gave me the first award in my life. It was a real boost for me to enter the world of glamour. I did many plays, TV serials and movies since then. ‘Sattesathi Saare Kahi’ was my first movie.

Q: Theatre, anchoring, television, movies….you have done everything. What’s your favourite?
Acting is my life, I can’t stay away from it. I enjoy everything, whether its a theatre, anchoring, TV serial or a movie. I am totally passionate about all this. Moreover, I am a professional and get paid for my talent. So it is my duty to give more than 100%. (Smile)

Q: Whom do you consider as idol when it comes to acting?
Its difficult to name one person. I have worked with so many talented actors and there is something to learn from everyone of them. I try to learn from every single individual. (Smile) Actually there are so many teachers around me, if I don’t learn myself from them, then thats my loss.

Q: Most of your films like ‘Kavadase’, ‘Amhi Asu Ladake’, ‘Me Tujhicha Re’, revolve around a serious theme. Don’t you feel that you will get typecasted in similar roles?
Yes, at certain point of time I felt exactly same. I was really afraid that I will get typecasted in serious roles as you have mentioned. But then came ‘Sanai Choughade’ and things changed. It helped me to break away from the ‘serious guy’ image. I have a dream that people should remember me as an actor who did varied and challenging roles.

Q: How’s your experience of ‘Sanai Choughade’ with Shreyes !

It’s a really different experience. As I said, it helped me to break away with my serious image. But it does not mean that all the 22 movies that I did before ‘Sanai….’ do not mean anything to me. It’s only because of those films that I can appreciate the importance of ‘Sanai..’ I really feel grateful to Shreyas for this film. Even after making it big in Hindi films , he produced his first film in marathi. He brought the youth back to marathi movies. Although it is a commercial movie, ‘Sanai..’ handled a serious social issue.

Q: How did you feel when you got Zee Marathi’s Best Marathi Actor Award last year for ‘Man Pakharu Pakharu’ ?
Last year has been really amazing for me. ‘Lakshmikant Berde’, ‘Ashok Saraf’ and ‘Sachin Pilgaonkar’ is the terrific trio of Marathi movies. It’s very sad thing that ‘Lakshmikant Berde’ is not with us now. I have grown up watching these guys. I got chance to work with Sachin in ‘Man Pakhru Pakhru’ and with Ashok Saraf in ‘Sakhi’. Such an opportunities is an award in itself . I don’t think that there can be any award that is more important than that.

Q: Marathi cinema is regaining back it’s glory. Many big producers from other industries are interested in Marathi films now. How do you feel about it?
It’s a great time for Marathi cinema. People are really taking Marathi films seriously. Most of the producers in Marathi industry were non Marathi and this hold true today too! But the corporate world is also taking notice of marathi cinema. Companies like Reliance, Mukta Arts and Influx are producing Marathi movies. Marathi movies are reaching to the every corner of the world. The credit for this definitely goes to all the people who have contributed to the Marathi cinema.

Q: What are your upcoming movies? Also share with us the characters that you play in them.
My next film ‘Uladhaal’ will be releasing in September. It is produced by Ajay Sarpotdar. My other films are Tanaji Gadgil’s ‘Ekada Kaay Jhala’, Gajendra Ahire’s  ‘Tya Ratri Khup Paus Hota’ and ‘KshanoKshani’. Ali Asgar’s ‘Man Pakhru Pakhru’ and Ashok Saraf’s ‘Dhobi Pachchaad’. I have played different characters in all of these films and viewers will definitely find them interesting.

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