I have always given my best with total commitment – Smita Tambe

Artistes with great ability develop and prove themselves good with every new assignment. Smita Tambe is one such hard working and talented artiste, who took up the challenge with every role she was offered. She began with strong character roles in a TV serial and a film and today she has two more films awaiting for release; namely Amol Palekar’s ‘Dhoosar’ and Rajiv Patil’s ‘Paangira’. MMW had a chit chat with Smita Tambe, who spoke about her experiences in this industry.

Smita TambeQ: How comfortable are you feeling today, after choosing acting as your career ?
A: In the beginning, when you don’t find much of work, you always feel that you area struggler. But, when you have work in hand, you dedicate yourself completely to that work. In due course of time you become popular and receive recognition. It is at this stage you consider yourself settled. Today, I have that feeling.

Q: You have been in this industry for the past 3-4 years. How was your journey from beginning till this stage ?
A: I am originally from Satara but lived in Pune. After coming to Mumbai, every new assignment brought extra enthusiasm in me. My parents didn’t know much about this industry and are still unaware about it. But, they never opposed me. In fact, they always supported me. Till now, the journey has been smooth and good. As far as my performance is concerned, whether it was playing Kitty in ‘Anubandh’ or performing in ‘Jogwa’. I have always given my best with total commitment. Not many are aware that I was also a choreographer for the film ‘Jogwa’. 

Q: Soon you will be seen in Amol Palekar’s film ‘Dhoosar’. How was your selection made in this film ?
A: When I went for audition of this film, my selection was made for another role. But, now I have been offered an important role in the film. That made me more happy.

Q: What is this film all about and what kind of role you are playing ?
A: The film’s subject is based on an ailment. It is an emotional story. The character of a girl I am playing is meeting her mother after almost 2 and 1/2 years. But, things have changed during this period. The film has been shot on this backdrop showing that change. Along with me there are other well known artistes like Reemaji, Upendra Limaye, Jyoti Subhash & Amruta khanvilkar.

Q: How was your experience working with Mr. Palekar ?
A: He being a renowned actor and director, I was certainly excited to work with him. Mr. Palekar is known for dealing with diverse subjects and has his own style of working which is different. While on the sets, I knew my responsibilities well. With whatever expectations he had made my selection, I felt that I should give my 100% and did so. Now, it is for the audience to judge my performance.

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