“Playing the role of Radha, is more challenging” – Shruti Marathe

She made her acting debut through Marathi serial ‘Peshwai’, while she was studying in 10th standard. Those days, she was studying in St. Mira’s School, Pune. Born in Baroda, Shruti Marathe came to Pune along with her family, when she was just one year old. Since then, she was brought up in this cultural hub of Maharashtra.

Though Shruti made her debut in Marathi films, through a small role in Shreyas Talpade’s film ‘Sanai Chaughade’, she had to wait for lead role in Marathi, till she was selected for the title role of Radha, in Marathi serial ‘Radha Hi Bawari’ now running on Zee Marathi. Recently, Shruti played an important role in ‘Satya Savitree aani Satyavan’ which was also a debut film of beauty queen Amruta Patki. In this film, Shruti played a role, which was totally in contrast to the glamorous roles she played in Tamil films in the recent past.

Shruti Marathe, ActressIncidentally, Shruti was part of three Tamil films ‘Indira Vizha’, ‘Naan Avanillai 2′and ‘Guru Sishyam’. In fact, her debut tamil film ‘Indira Vizah’ was based on a Hollywood film and was also a remake of Bollywood film ‘Aitraaz’. In this film, Shruti played the role of kareena kapoor, who defends her husband in court of law, being a lawyer herself. “This was a challenging role for me, but I enjoyed playing my character in ‘Naan Avanillai2.” says Shruti. Though Shruti has performed in three successful Tamil films and one Kannada film ‘Aadu Aata Aadu.’ now due for release; her talent was ignored by Marathi film industry. Only exception being ‘Satya Savitree Satyavan’, where her acting skills were clearly noticed in the role of a widow.

Marathi Movie world, spoke to Shruti, little before the telecast of her new serial ‘Radha Hi Bawaree’. Excerpts from an interview.

Q: Why only Shruti Marathe to play Radha in ‘Radha Hi Bawaree’?
A: How can I answer this question? You can ask this question to Virendra Pradhan, who found me suitable for this role. I can only say that I had given the audition along with many others, trying for this role. I am lucky to get selected.

Q: How important is this role for you?
A: It is a good challenging role. But, what makes me more happy is that, it is not only my character, which is important; but, the story of this serial is more interesting, offering enough scope to others.

Q: Who is playing hero opposite you in this serial?
A: He is Saurabh Gokhale.

Q: Having done your school and college education from Pune; you must have done lot of stage too ?
A: Actually, during my school and college days, I wasn’t that active with participation in competitions. But, I did perform in few experimental plays and one commercial play ‘Clean Bowled’. as a stage artist.

Q: Having experienced South films; how do you compare their films with Marathi films?A: South Indian films are all big budget films. They have big audience. In comparison, Marathi films are small budget films. But, in Marathi, the scripts are good. That is the biggest advantage you have with Marathi films.

Q: One personal question, Shruti. Any plans for marriage?
A: No, not at present. Now, I am focused on my acting career.

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