Interview of Sharad Ponkshe

Interview by Ulhas Shirke © MMW
Biggest award is ‘appreciation from audience’ - Sharad Ponkshe
हि मुलाखत मराठीत वाचण्यासाठी येथे क्लिक करा.
He is always in a Jovial mood and very supportive on the sets; whether he is shooting for a film or a serial. Sharad Ponkshe who began his acting career as a stage artiste with one act plays while he was studying in Abhinav Kala Mandir school in Bhayender off Mumbai , was very serious about this profession. But, those days acting was not seen as a well paying profession. One needed a job to support self and family. So, like many others, after finishing his 12th followed by a three year specialized Government diploma, he took up a job with BEST. As an employee of BEST, he participated in various competitions and did his first professional play ‘Varun Sagle Sarkhe’in the year 1989.
Sharad Ponkshe
For a totally committed actor like Sharad, it was just not possible to stick on to only stage and hence in 1988 he made his debut in a Marathi film ‘De Taali’ while he was a little known actor. He got his first major break in a TV serial through Adhikari Brothers’ ‘Damini’ in 1997, where he played a Journalist- Uday Karkhanis. This serial was a super hit and went on for 8 years with a record run. It was during this period that Sharad Ponkshe received another big offer to play lead in a Marathi play ‘Mee Nahturam Godse Boltoy’. The launching of this play turned out to be the most memorable moment in his life, as it literally changed his life. He still remembers the date of launch i.e 10th July 1998.

Sharad, who was then used to be on leave without pay in his office, finally decided to quit his job in the year 2000. The journey of a successful actor had begun with the popularity of ‘Nathuram Godse Boltoy’. Sharad was later signed to play the role of a Journalist again; this time a shrewd and cunning Mr. Khandagale in another popular serial ‘Vaadalwaat’.

So effective was his performance as Devram Khandagle, that for three consecutive years he bagged the Zee Puraskar for the best villain, while playing the same role. Isn’t that a biggest hat-trick scored by an actor? It’s surprising that the same actor with another outstanding performance in ‘Mee Nathuram Godse Boltoy’ is yet to receive an award.

But, Sharad does not regret about the same, as for him the biggest award comes from the audience. He recalls two memorable incidences which endorse his performance in this play. In Kolhapur, a retired teacher Mr. Kulkarni who was present for this play came and hugged him after the show was over. But, when the same person came up with a request to slap him, Sharad was taken by surprise with this silly request. “ I want to slap you for testing my patience, while I watched you playing Devram Khandagle,” he uttered. “ No doubt that you deserved a hug for your performance in this play but I need to punish you to subside my anger towards Devram played by you.” And, it was Sharad, who taking it as a compliment; willingly agreed to that request.

Another big compliment that literally touched Sharad’s heart, came during the show of the same play in Pune’s Bharat Natya Mandir. “A lady who looked poor from her appearance came and complimented me after the show. She was carrying a reward in the form of an envelope and insisted that I accept the same. When I opened, I saw a blank cheque signed by this lady. I accepted it, as it was a biggest award in my life. I am still holding it as the most priced possession, which is laminated and displayed in my house,” he recalls. Playing diverse characters in different serials even on the same day does not bother him much, as being a versatile actor he realizes the change, as soon as he is in a different get-up. The body language and accent changes with spontaneity. No wonder, he is a complete actor.

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Mohan | Sun, Oct 3, 2010 at 1:58 PM
u r real great artist in marathi. u will make great future in marathi lok. u r experience is natural act.. all the best from mohan punekar.
Sanjay | Fri, Jul 16, 2010 at 10:52 PM
Best Actor
Sharadbhau....tumhie kunku madhe ...bhari kam kele ...tumchya serials nehmi baghto...great...
Manisha | Mon, Mar 22, 2010 at 12:23 AM
Compliment for agnihotra character
Ek sangu tumhi mala athavta te Uday mahnunac h to kiti sincere role hota ani tumche negative so so ahet mala nahi advale tumchi image ek sincere journalist mahnun khup sundar vatate ani mahadev kaka tar apritam ahe kai mast role kela kadhi kadhi vatata kiya mahadev kaka la bhetava ani apan thodi tyala tension dyava ekdam sahi role karat ahat dev tumhala asach yashdevo ani ya hi peksha jashta yash milo
Prasanna Satavalekar | Tue, Mar 16, 2010 at 4:09 PM
Born Artist Sharad Ponkshe
No doubt Sharad is a born artist. We are stunned to watch him in "Kunku" and "Agnihotra" (both the roles are totally contradictory and are finely performed by Sharad) His performance in Agnihotra in the role of Mahadev deserves Best Acting Award of the year. Congratulations to you Sharad
Madhavi | Wed, Mar 3, 2010 at 10:11 PM
Mahadev Kaka :)
Namaskar Mahadev Kaka, how are you... tumache donhi serial madhil kamm ekdum zhakkas jhaley bagha... I like your acting since I have seen Mi Natthuram Godse Bolatoye... Keep it up.. Try to get a big film which has lead role for you.