Sandeep Khare, Writer, Singer

After the grand success of the Show ‘Ayushyawar Bolu Kahi’, Sandeep Khare & Dr. Salil Kulkarni now have concentrated on the Show ‘Sang Sakhya Re’ along with the ‘Ayushyawar Bolu Kahi’. Sandeep Khare needs no introduction among today’s youngsters. His poems like ‘Kase Sartil Saye….’, ‘Sang Sakhya re….’ made him the heartbeat of many youngsters along with the people who have crossed their 50s.

Sandip KhareHe wrote his first poem when he was in 4th std. He had got so many prizes at school & college level for writing poems & stories too. The special programme of poems was performed through ‘Umalate Ankur’ which was organized by Maharashtra Sahitya Parishad.

He has also done Kavyavachan in Pune Festival & on E-TV through the programme ‘Kavitanche Ghar’ & ‘Kavitanchya Gava Jato’. He have also performed more than 200 shows of the ‘Kavyavachan programme – Calidoscope’. He has launched his various audio cassettes such as ‘Divas Ase Ki’, ‘Me Gaato Ek Gaane’ where poems and Music was by himself and the Singers were Shailesh Ranade, Sandeep Khare, secondly has done another album ‘Kadhi He Kadhi Te’ in Jan 2003 with Music and Poems were by himself and singers were Sandeep Khare, Madhuri Purandare, thirdly ‘Naamanzur’ whose Music / Lyrics was again by himself and Singers none other than Sandeep Khare, Salil Kulkarni. And of course the very famous one , ‘Aaushyawar Bolu Kahi’ where music and lyrics was by himself and singers were Sandeep Khare, Salil Kulkarni.

Salil Kulkarni has got Best Singer award for this album along with ‘Onjalit Swar Tujhech’ , ‘Tarunai’, ‘Majhya Mana’, ‘Swarshabdanchya Sandhyakali’. His work is not limited for the music albums. He also had given music & lyrics for marathi movies like ‘Kalam 302′ & ‘Chakawa’ & plays like ‘Theatre Academy’s Sequence the play and the title song of the serial namely ‘Bindhast’ on Tara TV along with ‘Drushti’ & ‘Jhep’ etc.

The theme song of ‘Celebrate Pune’ event organized by Radio Mirchi, Pune was written by him. Also his famous songs ‘Deva mala roj rk apaghaat…’ & ‘Rani Majhya Matyamandi’ along with two more , are now rocking the screen of the movie ‘Tula Shikawin Changalach Dhada’ with the voice of Sandeep & Sahil. He has got many awards like ‘Sadar’ , ‘Pahat’ , ‘Pune ki Asha’, ‘Shiva Mantri’, ‘R.N.Pawar – from dist Solapur’, ‘Shivaji Sawant’, ‘Ranjeet Desai – From district – Kolhapur.

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