Interview of Reema Lagoo | Reema Lagoo is a veteran stage, television and film actress.

Interview by Sandeep Hattangadi © MMW
"I am looking for different types of roles" - Reema Lagoo

Reema Lagoo is a veteran stage, television and film actor. Over the years, we have seen her playing the popular roles of kind hearted mother of many Hindi and Marathi film stars. But, more importantly, she is also known for her sensational stage plays like 'Purush', 'Savita Damodar Paranjape' and others. Some of her Marathi films like 'Sinhasan', 'Aapli Manse' were also popular. Her new film 'Janma' has already received appreciation during various film festivals.

Marathi Movie World spoke to Reema Lagoo to know more about the new developments in her career.

Reema Lagoo

Q: Your film ‘Janma’ is very much appreciated on the festival circuit. How do you react to that ?
A: Yes, I am awaiting eagerly for its theatrical release. It’s one of the best roles of my career. I play a divorcee mother to my only daughter played by Veena Jamkar, who has a bone marrow problem and there is no matching bone marrow according to the doctors. The only bone marrow to match can be that of her blood mother. So, the mother at the age of fifty requests her divorcee husband to bear a child with artificial insemination. Luckily, they beget a daughter, whose bone marrow matches and the elder daughter recovers. But, as fate would have it; the new born baby is retarded, much to the anguish of the mother. It’s a true story and hence much more effective. The film also stars Ashok Shinde, Dr.Girish Oak and others.
Q: What are your forthcoming films in Marathi?
A: I have cut down on my work a lot. I only have Amol Palekar’s film ‘Dusar’ on the floors. Recently, I participated in the shoot at some beautiful Konkan locations for almost a month and it has turned out very well.

Q: You started with Marathi Theatre. Any chances of doing a play now?
A: If I get a good play, I will definitely do it. But, nothing exciting for me, has been offered yet.

Q: You are not seen much on Hindi screen recently.
A: How long can I do the same characters every time? I need to do something different and not stereotyped roles. Now, I am looking for different types of roles.

Q: Your daughter Mrunmayee has made her debut in Hindi after doing a few Marathi films. Your reaction?
A: I don’t advise her about her career. She is free to do whatever work she would like to do and I will always support her as a mother.