Rajiv Patil, Director

Rajiv Patil

Rajiv Patil is known as one of the most renowned directors in Marathi film industry. He already has proven himself through super hit movie ‘Savarkhed-Ek Gaon’ and two other movies. Because of his sincere efforts, devotion and consistent performance, he got the opportunity to direct Mukta Art’s first Marathi movie- ‘Sanai Chaughade’. Rajiv shared his experience of ‘Sanai Chaughade’ and his directional thoughts behind huge success of the movie.

How was the overall experience of ‘Sanai Chaughade?’
It was great. I have already directed three Marathi movies. But I always start movie as the new one and. This movie is the product of resourceful teamwork. We all had amazing rapo with each other and thus everyone including Santosh, Subodh or even Shreyas was ready to devote their best of the performances. Being a director, I personally enjoyed the process making the movie a lot. As I was involved in it from story development to post production and everything I treated it as ‘my movie.’ It was fun and its some of the sweetest memories in my life.

You worked with one of the best production houses in India – ‘Mukta Arts’. How it was different than working with other productions?
See, the thing is I trust myself. I was selected because I am capable. And thus for me most important thing is to work efficiently. But yes, working with such a big production house was fascinating experience. I got a chance to interact with Subhash Ghai. Budget was good. Technical backup was excellent. Experts were there to guide. Obviously it was great environment to work.

It was commercial film. But still has element of social issue. How did you balance both sides?
My aim was to make a complete entertainment package and I don’t think entertainment can be delivered only through typical movies. Even thought provoking movies can provide fine entertainment. I was involved in the movie even from the primary stages. Thus, actually I didn’t find difficult to balance the both sides. As a commercial film, it reaches to the larger audiences and provokes them to think about the problem. Thus it has larger impact than any parallel film.

What were your thoughts while making movie?
Globalisation is changing life of even common man. I belong to small town and now working in the metro city. I have closely observed changing scenario. Marriage, relations, clothes, and thoughts everything is changing rapidly. Our marriage system, value of women or even concepts of feminism are changed. Forget the metros. But even in small towns of Maharashtra like Satara, Kolhapur, Aurangabad, Nashik life is not stagnant. Views of young girls regarding sex and relation are changed. Being a close observer, I wanted to present it in front of masses and make them think about it. I tried to bring together all these things in the movie and I think I have successfully done the job.

What was Shreya’s contribution in the movie?
He was really concerned about the movie. He was the one who brought us together. He couldn’t devote of the time in actual shoot, but from pre productions to post production, from location selection to mixing and in each every process his vital contribution made the job easy for us. Even now he is completely aware about every show in the city, daily collection, response from masses.

What are your futures plans?
Three of my movies will be screened by this September. Also working over few other projects. As ‘Sanai Chaughade’ is getting huge appreciation, flow of new projects will certainly move toward me. But just like past I am going to select only best of the projects.

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