“I am certainly looking forward to act in films” – Priya Marathe-Moghe

She is Glamorous and sweet. Priya Marathe who made her television debut through Zee Marathi’s ‘Ya Sukhano Ya’ couple of years ago, found suitable roles in following productions like ‘Kalat Nakalat’, ‘Char Divas Sasuche’, ‘Ha Khel Savalyancha’ & ‘Goshta Eka Collagechi’, In Hindi, ‘Kasam Se’ was her debut serial, which unfortunately didn’t click well. After that she did one season of ‘Comedy Circus’ with Sunil Pal. We have also seen her in ‘Bade Acche Lagte Hai’ & ‘Pavitra Rishta’.

Priya has shown considerable progress in her acting field, besides completing her graduation in science with distinction. in close conversation with her:

Priya MaratheQ. How you shifted to acting field ? Did you have any background?
A: I never thought about acting during my childhood. That period, we all dream of becoming a doctor, engineer, pilot etc, which I feel is a childish thing. Those were not real dreams. But, after going to college, when I started participating in inter collage drama competitions and received best actress prize,along with fresh face of the year, my confidence developed. Actually it was Alfa Karandak, organized by Zee TV. They had given a chance to winner for their serial; but unfortunately I didn’t get selected in audition at that time. But after a couple of months, I received call for audition for their new serial and got selected.thus began my career with ‘Ya Sukhanno Ya’.

Q. What attracted you to the role of Priya in ‘Tu Tithe Mi’?
A: I wanted to play a youthful character. Priya’s character is full of intrigues. There is a mystery element to the character. I found many shades as well. Perhaps, the Director noticed something me, as they didn’t want to show a typical character for that role.

Q. Don’t you feel discomfort, since it is a throughout negative role?
A: This Girl is madly in love with Chinmay’s character. From her point of view, she is trying all possibilities to get back to her lover. I have done couple of negative roles before this, but those were not a full length negative roles. In comparison, this is a big role. I have accepted it as a challenge. Also found something different to do.

Q. Where do you find you more challenges? Playing a heroine’s role or a negative role?
A: To play a heroine also; no doubt, there is hard work. But, to play a negative role, you need to be more careful. Because, in a positive role, you will find many examples from our daily- real life. To play a negative role, you are dependable on your director, script and your own imagination to apply skills to that character’s behavior. Also, in a negative role there’s a very thin line. Hence, attention is to be paid not to overreact.

Q. In ‘Tu Tithe Mee’ serial, you have displayed rich designer sarees. How often do you wear saree in real life? What are you comfortable with ?
A: I’m more comfortable with Jeans n T- shirt. I also wear Churidar Kurta. For traditional functions, I always wear sarees, but not the way, shown in the serial.

Q. Have you experienced any strange incident in real life, where audience have questioned you, about your character in this serial?
A: Yes, on many occasions this happened. Once, I was at a social function. One old lady came forward and squeezed my hand, asking me as to why I was running Manjiri’s life? She warned me not to bother her, any more. Actually, I take this as a compliment. I am happy that I am able to convince the script writer through that character.

Q. We have seen you in Hindi serials also, Tell us about your experience, working for Hindi television?
A: Basically, we all know that there is a major difference in budget. But, apart from that personally one difference that I noticed as an actress, is that, while working in Hindi, you get a lot of exposure, you get noticed by large audience at the national level. In regional serials, we have limited audience. Marathi serials are mainly watched by only Maharashtrian audience. Hindi television is watched widely and you receive attention from maximum people.

Q. Have you tried any other Hindi serial?
A: Recently, I have left Pavitra Rishta, which I was doing for a long time. To be frank, currently I’m not interested to play the roles of mother, grandmother, aunt, etc.

Q. You have married Shantanu Moghe, who is the son of veteran actor Shrikant Moghe. How did it happen?
A: Couple of year’s back, we met at our common friend’s place. Then, we started meeting each other and soon we got involved in each other and had a love marriage. As you know, Shantanu is also an actor like his father, who is a veteran actor from Marathi Theatre, Television & Film industry. My mother in law is a doctor. I am glad that I have got such a nice family. They all encourage me and offer guidance. We also have discussions on many other subjects.

Q. Apart from ‘Tu Tithe Mi’, what other projects you are associated with ?
A: Now, I am working only in ‘Tu tithe Mee’, having quit ‘Pavitra Rishta’ recently. It was difficult for me to manage for both the serials. Presently, I’m in talks with some filmmakers, for couple of film projects. If everything works out fine, hopefully you will see me soon on silver screen. I am certainly looking forward to act in films.

Q. How often do you watch Marathi movies? Which is the movie, you saw recently?
A: Recently, I saw ‘Balak Palak’ in theatre, which I liked a lot. Before that, I don’t remember which movie I saw last. But, sometimes I do watch selective movies on TV, which have received good review.

Q. Now, in Marathi Movies also, actresses are doing bold roles, like we have seen Sai Tamhankar wearing bikini. Personally, as an actress, what are your comments?
A: This is her professional choice, like I have chosen a negative role in ‘Tu Tithe Mi’. And there is always a reaction from audience for every work. They have a right to give their opinion.

Q. Would you say ‘yes’, if you were offered to wear bikini in films ? I mean such kind of role?
A: See, at this moment I can’t say anything; but definitely, if I get such offers, I will think over it. If the role demands, I might be do.

Q. What types of roles you would like to play?
A: I want to choose graph of the character, even if it’s a small role. It doesn’t matter which genre it belongs; whether comedy, serious or a negative role.

Q. Which medium do you prefer? Television, theatre, film?
A: I haven’t worked in film yet; so I can’t comment, So far I have enjoyed working on television a lot. I loved it.

Q. Have you ever acted in any professional drama?
A: No, Not yet.

Q. Which is your favorite color.
A: Black.

Q. You favourite actor and actress?
A: I do like Hrithik Roshan. Also I’m a great fan of Madhuri Dixit, and she is my favorite actress.

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