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In Marathi entertainment industry, Prasad Oak is a familiar name. Till now, he hasn’t left any area untouched in this field, be it modeling, films, serials, drama or direction. He has also won the Celebrity show on Zee Marathi, while getting that special recognition of ‘Ajinkya Tara’. Already known for being a good programme host, recently he was seen presenting a poetry in the programme ‘Haftabandh’ and one really wondered as to how he could deliver so many things at a time.
For the past 17 years Prasad has been working hard to establish himself as a good performer through different roles he played, whether they were comedy or serious type. When he came to this city from Pune, he had a dream of directing a film and it took him sixteen long years to fulfill his dream. While in Bhave school and BMCC College, Pune, Prasad directed many one act plays and later worked as assistant director. Marathi Movie World spoke to Prasad to know more about his journey and past experiences. Excerpts from interview:
Prasad Oak
Q: How did you get your first major break into acting ?
A: My first serial ‘Bandini’ was my stepping stone, where I worked with Mrunal Kulkarni as my co-star. This role was offered to me by Shirish Kulkarni, with whom I had worked earlier for ‘Avart’. My first drama was ‘Adhantar’ and my first film was ‘Ashtaroop Vaibhav Laxmi Mata’.

Q: Was it because of Sa Re Ga Ma Pa, that you received due recognition as a singer ? And, how serious you are to take up this new career ?
A: I have already rendered my voice as a singer for films like ‘Doghat Tisra Aata Sagle Visra’ and ‘Joshi Ki Kamble’ . There is also one forthcoming film, where you will find me as singer. But, I haven’t taken it seriously as a new profession. For the time being, I am
enjoying it as a hobby. Let me see, if there are more opportunities, I may continue to sing for films.

Q: ‘Haay Kaay Naay Kaay’ was the first film directed by you. How was your experience in this new role ?
A: Right from direction to production every process I enjoyed. It was a dream come true.

Q: We have seen you performing different types of roles, but what you enjoy playing ?
A: I enjoy playing a comedy, as I like to make people laugh. It’s a pleasure watching them laugh .

Q: You are also a Poet, Isn’t that true ?
A: Yes, you may say so. Actually, I only pen down my thoughts, which are not necessarily poetries. But, sometimes, they turn out to be. It all depends on my mood.

Q: You have spent almost 16-17 years in this industry. Do you feel that there is something yet to be done ?
A: Yes, I have yet to establish myself as a director in this industry. I have worked in almost 80 serials and almost the same number of films and literally got trapped into acting only.

Q: Tell us something about your forthcoming films .
A: Within next 2-3 months there will be at least 10 films releasing, out of which 3 films will release in August 2010. In every film I have a different role. In ‘Aikaa Dajiba’ I am playing a Gujarathi boy, while in ‘Jeta’ I am playing a villain. In ‘Tee Ratra’ (a thriller) you will find me in most memorable role.

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