Imagination is the key – Nilesh Mohrir

Almost 21 title songs of popular serials, 14 non film music albums and music for 7 movies. What more one could have asked for ask for from a young music composer Nilesh Mohrir ? This youngster has not only received prestigious awards in a short span but has also been felicitated with some big honours like Anil mohile Purskar, Yuwa Gaurav Purskar, Kala Gaurav, Manavata Gaurav and many others in appreciation of his music.

Nilesh MoharirWhile doing his graduation in Music and Sound recording from Mumbai University, Nilesh had the privilege of learning the basics from Anil Mohile and Achyuta Thakur. Then, he brought out many private albums with reputed companies like Times, Fountain, Sagarika and Krunal. Besides that he also worked as Music arranger. However, he got a boost to his career when he got an opportunity to provide title song to Zee Marathi’s ‘Kalat Nakalat’. And, that’s how Nilesh became a popular name in every Maharashtrian house.

There was no stopping for him after that as serial makers lined up at his place. For the past five years he has been providing quality music and title songs for every serial he has done. Looking at his film journey, how can we forget that beautiful composition rendered by Rahul Vaidya and Vaishali in ‘Yanda Kartavya Aahe’? His recently released film ‘Manya-The Wonder Boy’, also speaks about his hard work and dedication, while offering relevant tunes required for the purpose. Especially, his background score in this film invites

MMW had a chit chat with Nilesh to know more about his achievements and his future plans.

Q: How did you land into this field and whether it was your own decision to take up this career?
A: To tell the truth, till my college days, I wasn’t sure whether I would be seriously taking up this as my career. During that period, I used to listen to music and even performed as a singer. But, during 1994-95 when I heard songs composed by A.R. Rehman for the film ‘Bombay’, I was inspired and also thought that one day I should also be able to produce such a kind of music. Since then, I stated believing Rehman as my guru and focused on all such requirements to study music in detail.

Q: Oh! That means he is your ideal ?
A: Yes.

Q: Now we find so many new music directors mixing up Western Music with Hip-rock and South pattern and fitting into it the Marathi lyrics. Don’t you think so ?
A: (Smiles) True. In some cases it does happen. But, if you ask my personal opinion, I would say that between experiment and imagination, it’s imagination that is important. If you don’t imagine and keep working within the four walls, then many a times you fail with your experiments and I would not like to be a part of it. Whenever I compose music, I ensure that when a western or non-marathi genre is used, the suitable matching lyrics are to be incorporated to meet the requirement.

Q: But, for the past 5-6 years we have been observing that all these new songs are based on South film songs or English pop.
A: Actually, if it is based on South style, it is okay as it has our own regional base. But, if the songs are composed using those foreign instruments, then it misses the Marathi essence. For such compositions, care is to be taken that the sound of instruments should not cover up the singer’s voice. In short, the song should convey the sentiments through words effectively.

Q: In the past, we have seen the Music directors getting the name and fame. But, now days, though people remember the songs of new music directors, they tend to forget their names. Don’t you think so ?
A: Exactly. This is a very big topic of discussion. There are many reasons, but basically the condition of music directors is almost the same as that of Marathi Cinema. In spite of availability of so many mediums, Marathi songs are not reaching to the people. In the past Akashwani used to be the best option open to play Marathi songs, which were heard in full length. But, today we see the dominance of Hindi on all radio channels, where even an average song is played repeatedly to make it popular. For Marathi songs, there is no such option. Many of my best compositions therefore haven’t reached people. Those who know me, is only because of my title songs for Marathi serials, as I have managed to reach their homes

Q: The present generation is Net savvy . Like Mobiles and television, the internet has become a part of their life. Then, why you are not using this medium for promotion of music?
A: Right, today because of internet so many good things are happening. Like me, there are many other newcomers who are making best use of internet. But, to make Marathi music popular among them, it will certainly take some more time.

Q: Which is your favourite song composed till now ?
A: To be frank, my latest song ‘Nur ada, Nur ada’ in the film ‘Manya-The Wonder Boy’ is my favourite composition. Even my media friends have appreciated it and I have been receiving compliments from well wishers for the same

Q: After ‘Manya’ what’s more in films? Are we expecting some more title songs?
A: I have composed music for three more Marathi films namely: ‘Partner’ , ‘Platform’ and ‘Nirruttar’. Among them ‘Partner’ is based on Va Pu Kale’s novel. ‘Platform’ has already been acclaimed at film festivals. For 2-3 forthcoming TV serials, I am composing title songs.

Q: Great! We are all eager to see your compositions filled with melody.
A: Thanks.

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