“I intend to continue my studies besides acting”- Neha Gadre

For a long time now, we have been watching this simple and ideal character of Gauri in popular Marathi serial ‘Mann Udhaan Varyache’ on Star Pravah. Facing every problem in her life with a challenge, she has now turned out to be a role model for every young girl, whether living in villages or towns. Marathi Movie world spoke to Neha Gadre, who plays Gauri, to know more about her acting career.

Neha Gadre, ActressQ: How was life, before entering this acting field ?
A: I am originally from Pune and spent my childhood here. Having completed my schooling from Muktangan, I joined Fergusson College and presently I am doing my final year BA. Since my 8th standard I was associated with German language and hence made up my mind to do my graduation with this language as my specialized subject. I even completed my Diploma in German language.

Q: Then, how Neha turned Gauri ?
A: I had prepared my Portfolio, which was in western style. When Mahesh Kothare saw these photographs, he invited me for audition. That’s how Neha turned Gauri. Today, I still have a doubt, how he selected me for Gauri’s role, on the basis of those photos with western look?

Q: How do you compare Neha with Gauri ?
A: First let me tell you where they resemble each other. Neha is equally sensitive and emotional like Gauri. Both love the family bonding to preserve the relationship. But, abot other things, both are opposite. e.g.. Neha hasn’t been brought up in a village. She is a city girl. Gauri carries with her traditional deep rooted village culture along with her and is very patient. On the other hand Neha has a limit for patience. Gauri does not teach a lesson to anyone, when she suffers, but if it was real Neha playing that role, she would have certainly challenged Nirja face to face, creating more fun to watch.

Q. While portraying Gauri, what you consider most important ?
A: Gauri is basically from a village, who has moved to a city. She has started adjusting herself to this new life. But, her looks, behaviour, body language and hair style etc. remains the same. That’s how you differentiate her from other city girls. All these things I had to keep in mind, while I studied her character. Now, in certain respect, Neha has become Gauri.

Q: What you have to say about the senior artistes from this serial ?
A: They are all nice people. In fact, our unit is the best. There is not much age difference among the artistes and therefore, we make a very good team. Even with Varsha Usgaonkar there is good tuning. When we are new to the unit, you always have that fear as to how others would react. But, now we are all together in the second year of this serial and therefore we now spend even our holidays together.

Q: How do you manage your studies besides acting ?
A: Last year, while I was doing my 2nd year BA, there wasn’t much tension about the studies. But, this year being final year and that too with University exam, the tension is slowly building up. Next month, I intend to take two months off from acting, to prepare for my exams.

Q: After acquiring your degree, what do you intend to do? Focus on acting or further studies ?
A: I shall continue with both simultaneously. In acting career, there are always ups and downs and therefore acquiring more knowledge would be an asset.

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