Madhurani Gokhale Prabhulkar – Interview

Madhurani Gokhale, Actress

A popular model, a committed actress, a successful TV programme host, a singer , a music director and above all an expert in communication skills ; that’s how this multi-faceted personality can be described in Marathi entertainment field. Right from the age of 16, Madhurani Gokhale Prabhulkar was keen on taking up acting career and accordingly worked in that direction. Born in Bhusaval, but brought up in Pune, the cultural hub of Maharashtra, Madhurani showed the signs of acting talent while studying in S.P. College, Pune. She was so much focused into this profession that for the most prestigious Purshottam Karandak competition, her own scripted and presented play ‘SeeSaw’ won the best play award.

One of the judges- director Sanjay Pawar, who witnessed her talent during this competition, recommended her name to Kanchan Nayak the Producer and Madhurani got her first major break in ‘Indradhanush.’ In the meanwhile, she completed her Mass Communications from Pune University and married her friend Pramod Prabhulkar, only to start their own company Miracles, which is today involved into courses in film making. Madhurani handles the workshops for TV ads. Together, they have already produced one sensible film ‘Goad Gupit’ in 2003, in which Madhurani played a cameo along with Aadesh Bandekar. As an actress, she also has to her credit one successful stage play- ‘Tumcha Aamcha Same Astaa’.

As a singer we have witnessed her skills in the celebrity programme ‘Sa Re Ga Ma Pa’; and then as a music composer, she received her first major break in Vrinda Kirodian’s film ‘Sunder Majhe Ghar’ for which top singers like Sadhana Sargam and Shreya Ghoshal were also involved, only because of Madhurani, who could convince them. There was no stopping for a versatile person like Madhurani in this media, as she was already a successful model. With her excellent communication skills, she became a triumphant TV host with the popular match making programme ‘Yanda kartavya Aahe’, in which she had the distinction of making 48 marriages come true.

Today, Madhurani handles one more popular programme ‘Hich Majhi Maitrin’ for E-TV in the afternoon, interviewing celebrities from Marathi entertainment industry. Producer of this programme Madhavi has shown confidence in her ability as a programme host and Madhurani is doing her job very well. With some spontaneous questions posed to the celebrities, she makes each one of them very comfortable, while they narrate some of their most memorable moments. In one of the episodes , Madhurani literally made veteran actress Swati Chitnis recollect her good old memories and hardships as a newly wedded wife. Sometimes, in a day’s time, she has to handle different celebrities, but with proper home work, she is able to manage the programme well, many a times without cuts.

When Marathi Movie world spoke to Madhurani to know the secret of her success, the talented actress recalled her childhood days and her deep interest in improvising her communication skills. “I just love to communicate with people. Communication is my forte. It is for this reason, today I am taking classes for TV ads through workshops, where those interested in becoming models are trained. I am glad to tell you that from the previous batch, many have been benefited with this training. During my days as a struggler in Modeling profession, whatever I have experienced, I am sharing with the participants. And, it is helping them a lot,” says Madhurani.

When asked about her future plans, she said that her husband was busy writing a script for his next film, but does not know, whether there will be a role for her in that film. “But, being a home production, I will be associated with it in some way or the other” she added. Madhurani’s wish is to bring out a music album for children with a collection of good meaningful poems. “May be, through this effort I will be able to pass on much needed moral values to the next generation” she concluded.

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