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Interview by Ulhas Shirke © MMW

“I am very friendly and fun loving in real life ” - Kranti Redkar
Nothing succeeds like the appearance of success. Many a times, You never know which is the stepping stone for your success. The super hit popular Marathi song ‘Kombdi palali, tangdi dharun ....langadi ghalaya laagli’ brought into fame Kranti Redkar as an actress in Marathi film industry. The manner in which she performed on the compelling dancing beats of this song, it easily got registered as a perfect item number of Marathi films. Although, she shot into limelight as a dancer, Kranti as an actress  had all the relevant requirements to play different kinds of roles. Above all, she had a striking personality of her own. Watching her play that mod girl in action packed ‘Target’ and that limited yet noticeable emotion filled role in ‘Shikshanachya Aaichha Gho’, clearly indicated that she was a button artiste with a lot of potential to perform at any given situation spontaneously.

Having begun her acting career while studying in Ruia College, Mumbai, she came in contact with Kedar Shinde, who then directed her one act plays  for different state level competitions. For five years, she was associated with theatre, besides pursuing her college studies. “In our country, one needs to complete the graduation and then shift to their respective profession of choice, as per our family tradition and I observed that,” says Kranti . “I did exactly the same, as I got attracted to this profession with total involvement,” she quips.  Having also performed in two Bollywood films, i.e. Prakash Jha’s ‘Gangajaal’ (as Apoorva-the girl who is kidnapped) and as Raaji, the statistics lecturer in the film ‘U Bomsi n Me’, Kranti is now eagerly waiting for her much awaited Marathi film release ‘Laadi Goadi’, where she is playing lead opposite Sanjay Narvekar. It is a multi-starrer Marathi film with other co-stars like Resham Tipnis, Varsha Usgaonkar, Tushar Dalvi, Subodh Bhave and others. Her other Marathi films in the pipeline are Mahesh Manjrekar’s ‘Shahanpan Degaa Deva’, Kedar Shinde’s ‘On Duty 24 Taas’ and Atul Ketkar’s untitled film. There is also one Hindi production ‘Boys Toh Boys Hain’ with popular comedy stars from Bollywood.  With a perfect physique and spontaneity to act at any given time, Kranti has a great future ahead. Marathi Movie world spoke to this radiant personality. Excerpts from an interview

Q: Did you begin your acting career through ‘Jatra’ ? 
A: No.  My debut in films was through a Marathi film ‘Soon Asavi Ashi’ in the year 2000 opposite Ankush Choudhary. Later I also played an important character of a kidnapped girl- Apoorva in Prakash Jha’s Hindi film ‘Gangajaal’. Actually, I began my acting career through stage. For five years, it was almost like doing my graduation in acting besides my degree course in college.
Q: How important is your educational qualification in your acting career ?
A: As I said before, with my five years of training on stage was itself like taking a degree in acting, besides my college degree. In our country, completing graduation is the base of any career you choose later. It’s not like other countries, where after High school, children opt for their choice of career. My parents had strictly told me to complete graduation first and then think of my career. But, I had made up my mind to choose acting as my career. I personally feel that at 18, you become wise enough to decide what is good for you. Further, the importance of education is that  if  by chance you fail in this profession, you can at least have a choice of trying out something else.  

Q: You have also performed in some of Hindi serials like ‘Chittor Ki Raani Padmini....’, ‘Simply Sapne’ and others. How was your experience there ?

A: Frankly speaking, anyone would be tempted to act in such serials, where you are paid well and where you get an opportunity to get dressed up in variety of costumes. I played the character of Nagmati in ‘Chittor ki Raani Padmini...’ because it was based on a historical theme with Rajasthani culture. However, I had less scope to act there. I would rather love to perform any kind of role, where there is more scope for emotions. ‘Ladies Special’ was one such serial, where I enjoyed every happening with artistes like Neena Gupta and others around.  It certainly involves you to give your best under such a situation.  

Q: You have become very popular with ‘kombdi song’ in ‘Jatra’with your mesmerizing dance performance. Tell us your experience about this song ?
A: I am also associated with Indian and English theatre with people like Bharat Dabholkar, Shubha Khote & Feroze Khan. During one such performance in Dubai, I happened to visit a Pub along with my co-artistes, where I was shocked to find this song being played there, with some locals dancing and enjoying the tunes of this song. Till then, I never knew about its worldwide popularity. It was a great moment to experience.

Q: You have performed different characters with grey shades, sometimes a strong headed, ambitious woman. How is Kranti  in real life ?

A: I am very  friendly and fun loving in real life. That’s what my friends say. Somehow, I  try to co-ordinate well with all my friends and also colleagues, while at work.

Q:  If given an option, what would be your priority? Film or a Serial ?

A: Obviously, films. When you are signed for a serial, you need to give time and dates in advance and therefore you remain committed and tied-up with that. And, it goes on for a year or may be more. For a film, it is not so. You can easily manage 5 or more films in a year without any dates problem.

Q: Which are your forthcoming films ?

A: I am eagerly waiting for the release of ‘Laadi Goadi’ which will be around coming Ganapti festival time. Then, there are films like ‘Shahanpan Dega Devaa’ and ‘On Duty 24 Taas’ to follow.

Q: What’s so special about ‘Laadi Goadi’ ?

A: It is a totally different kind of experiment in films and I am sure, it will offer  something new to Marathi film audience. Watch me play Hema Malini in this film. Actually, I am playing the character of  the type of Hema Malini, wearing all those costumes that she wore in different films. Sanjay Narvekar, who plays opposite me, will play Dharmendra. It’s a fun filled film, with Resham Tipnis and Varsha Usgaonkar being the other two heroines. You will find a lot of similarity in the performances of other artistes like Tushar Dalvi, Subodh Bhave with those like Amitabh Bachchan and Jeetendra. And guess, who resembles Sridevi ?