Interview of Dr. Girish Oak, Actor

Interview by Kashmira ©MMW News 13 July, 2009 हि मुलाखत मराठीत वाचण्यासाठी येथे क्लिक करा.
dr. Girish Oak

Girish has completed his studies in hometown Nagpur. He took part in many dramas and plays during his college. And thus it developed his interest in theatre. For a while he did practice as doctor…but then what u called job satisfaction he did not have that so he switched his profession. And then Girish came to Mumbai and landed in few plays by doing small roles. Then did theatre from 1977 to 1983.Offcourse, there was struggle during initial stage. But every actor has to do that. The best thing was Girish got full support from his family. After becoming doctor people tend to ask why acting but at that time my family supported him very much so because of that he could get in to this profession.
After theatre how did you landed in serials and films?
It’s an automatic process, to tend to go towards serials and cinemas. People start knowing you and then director and producer approaches you. But in all this I have done theatre more than serials and films…as such around 48 plays and 20 to 25 serials.

What is your experience in this your career of 25 years?
Very satisfied….during initial stage I felt to go back and start to practice medical again but then I actually took the risk of continuing but today I am more than happy with my decision. The movie ‘Dipastambh’ actually bought stability in my career can say it was turning point of my life. Since then I somewhat got established as an actor. but ya for sure I don’t repent my decision, I don’t practice now but just try to keep me update by reading books on the subject and also sometimes referring someone to any doctor.

What you want to say about tremendous response you are getting for your play 'U Turn'?
It gives me immense pleasure and the best thing is theatre audience is coming back over that it is coming because of the play in which I am acting this gives more happiness. Its being houseful most of the times and even translated in gujrathi for gujrathi theatre.

Now your play ‘To Mi Navhech’ is coming on the stage…how does it feels to do the play like this done by legendary Prabhakar Panshikar?
Yeeaah…it feels great. I mean it is more than a dream role…seriously never thought that I would land up doing this play ever in my career…It is really fantastic. When I was very new to this industry I had nearly done 200 shows, a very small role by playing character called Aginhotre in the same play but frankly never thought that in this 25years of my career I would do this play. It is really big achievement. Prabhakar Panshikar said to me that you will definitely make it possible. Seriously
expectation are very high and need to be very perfect in every task while doing this
Girish Oak
play. It is really very challenging and tricky but very interesting. So as for now I am just concentrating on my practice. Hope to turn out very well.

Ya sir, It will surely. Our best wishes are with you...Now we will turn to serials. Your character from serial Agnihotra is very famous. Tell me something about that?
Its very tedious…I mean the character is written very well by the writer Mr.Paranjpai but this character is very strict and always angry on very high on principle and ya rude too; so sometimes I really find it difficult as it is very opposite to what I am in personal life.

Besides these what are your upcoming projects?
I have completed a very good movie with Bharat Jadhav named ‘Hello Gandesir'. But ya very interesting with a very different subject. Sandeep Despande is the director of this movie. About serials I am already have very busy schedules. Currently I am doing Agnihotra and kukuchku on Star Pravah then Hya Gojirwanya Gharat on etv and Ardhangini. I must say that I am very lucky enough to have telecast serials of different genres at the same time on television.
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Namita | Sun, Nov 15, 2009 at 03:05 PM
Docter, Te tumhi nahich....!
Girishji, All your leading roles are well played...ani recently mi tumache To Mi Navhech Pahile... Damn Good.. Navin lakhoba khup chan rangawalaye tumhi... Atishay Sundar aani sahaj abhinay...Sarva Natyapreminni Ekada tar docterana hya bhumiket pahave....Must watch
Umesh | Sun, Nov 15, 2009 at 3:00 PM
About Girishji
Dr. tumhi agnihotra madhil colonel aani kukuchku madhil ya do vegvegalya vyaktirekha titkyach takdine sambhalya ahet, tumchya chitrapat pravasa babat tar nad khula.