My mother always wanted me to complete my graduation- Deepti Shrikant

Interview - Deepti Shrikant, Actress
My mother always wanted me to complete my graduation- Deepti Shrikant

Deepti Shrikant has been in the acting profession for quite some time now. But, now her prominent role in 'Mala Saasu Havi' serial on Zee Marathi at Prime time, has brought her into limelight. Marathi Movie world spoke to this gorgeous talented actress. Excerpts from the interview:

Q. Tell us something about your educational background.
A: I am originally from Sadashiv Peth, Pune and studied initially in Dnyan Prabodhini school and later shifted to Nutan Marathi Vidyalaya for my 11th and 12th. Later, I completed my commerce graduation from MMCC college.
Q: Since when you are associated with acting ?
A: It all began from my school days, when I used to perform in children's one act plays. Being part of Maharashtra Cultural Centre, I had an opportunity to do a lot of theatre and participated in Purshottam and Suman Shield competitions, besides Inter School and Inter collegiate competitions. No wonder, today you find any actor from Pune having groomed through these competitions. And, I am no exception.

Q: When exactly you realized that your hobby had turned into career ?
A: While taking part into various competitions, people like Chetan Datar and Dr. Mohan
Agashe had observed my talent and they suggested my mother to permit me to pursue career in acting. In fact, my mother, who was interested in acting, could not fulfill her wish. When she noticed my ability, her confidence increased and she supported me thereafter. But, when first performed a small role in the film 'Pak Pak Pakak', I realized that I could do better. At that time, my mother insisted that I first complete my graduation and then do whatever I loved to do.

Q: But then how your career actually took off ?
A: I began my career with a E TV serial 'Pankhanchi Savali'. Ravindra Mankani was a well known name in this serial. It was through this serial people started recognizing me; but, my roles in 'Avaghachi Sansar', 'Char Divas Sasuche' and 'Sataa Janmachya Gathi' brought me name and fame.

Q: Then, how did you turn towards Hindi serials?
A: While shooting for 'Avaghachi Sansar', Suhita tai and Vihang Kaka suggested me to try in Hindi, as they felt that I had the required looks and spoke Hindi well. So, one day when I was free, I gave audition and got selected to play lead role in Zee TV's Hindi serial 'Parivar'. It all happened all of a sudden. For two and half years I was associated with this serial and during this period, I completed my M.Com. I had also finished a course in Software Graphic designing.

Q: When did you make a comeback in Marathi ?
A: An year after 'Parivar' I made a comeback into Marathi through 'Antarpat' and also did a film 'Samar Ek Sangharsha'.

Q: But, you also continued in Hindi, isn't it ?
A: After 'Antarpat', I was receiving offers from Hindi. So, I did 'Bhagyavidhata' for Colours channel. And after shedding tears through that role, I turned towards comedy on SAB TV's 'Don't worry Chachi'. It was a small journey, but I enjoyed.During this period, I had an opportunity to work with many well known actors, including Swapnil Joshi.

Q: Now, tell us something about your role in latest serial 'Mala Sasu Havi'.
A: I haven't performed this kind of role before. The girl I play is not only smart and confident; but, is a decision maker. She is not the type of one you find in other serials, going through sufferings. This serial is a humour filled show. I would call it a emotion filled comedy. My character in this serial takes an important decision to save the house from division. So, she goes in search of a Mother in law for the house.

Q: But, why is the Mother in law required ?
A: It's because, I come from a well to do family. But, I am deprived of love and hence I look for love in this joint family of Rishi. Soon I realize that my two sisters in law do not want to stay together. So, taking my father in law into confidence, I go in search of a mother in law, who would command the house strictly. This is an entertaining serial and I am sure, the audience would enjoy it.

by Chetana Gavkhadkar © MMW