Chinmay Mandlekar - An intense actor and a prolific writer.

Interview: Spotlight - CHINMAY MANDLEKAR, Actor, Writer
मराठीत वाचण्यासाठी येथे क्लिक करा

Chinmay Mandlekar- An intense actor and a prolific writer

Chinmay Mandlekar is one such person in Marathi entertainment industry who has unlimited potential. Apart from being a skillful actor, he has also proved himself as a prolific writer.  It is too early to compare him with all time great Nana Patekar, but given the kind of roles suited to him, it would certainly help him progress on the lines of the former actor.

As a schoolboy studying in Mumbai’s St. Sabastian School , Girgaon, Chinmay never even thought of becoming an actor, but as he stepped into M.L. Dahanukar College, Vile Parle, opportunities opened doors for his acting skills. Through Inter Collegiate drama competitions, he found the required exposure to develop his potential.

Chinmay Mandlekar, Chinmnay Mandlekar Photo
When Chinmay decided to join National School of Drama( NSD) , Delhi, his father wasn’t surprised, as by that time he had noticed some kind of conviction in his son’s mission. For a NSD graduate of his caliber, the Marathi television industry welcomed him in ‘Vadalvaat’ and Chinmay’s acting career began with a bang. 

While performing in TV serials, as a stop gap arrangement, he shifted to writing and his first script for a film took birth through ‘Kshan’ in 2006. Then came ‘Asambhav’ which brought him into fame as a full fledged writer, as before that he was a co-writer for ‘Vadalvaat’. Today, Chinmay wants to focus more on films and dramas. When asked as to

whether his continuing with dramas would not clash with his film assignments, Chinmay reacts with a positive frame of mind.

“ While performing in dramas, if I have already committed with the dates, I need not back out but be clear to the film maker about my availability on certain dates only. Rest is my luck,” he quips. About his forthcoming film ‘Gajaar’, he seems to be very optimistic, as he himself feels total satisfaction about the role he has played in the film. “It was a great exposure working outdoors at places like Alandi and Pandharpur. To be part of the pilgrimage was another great feeling, as we had the privilege of walking with them.”

Chinmay’s latest play ‘Ek Lafada Visarta Na Yenara’ is drawing good crowds and that speaks about his rising popularity as an actor. The play has also won many popular awards.  He is also playing an equally important role in Rajiv Patil’s much awaited film ‘Pangiraa’, which is now due for release. His another talked about film ‘Morya’ with Avadhoot Gupte is already in progress towards completion. But, after the release of ‘Gajaar’, Chinmay would be an actor to watch, though he went unnoticed as a hero in ‘Krantiveer Rajguru’ for unknown reasons.

His own scripted TV serial ‘Anhonee’ has just been launched and that makes his presence felt in all the three areas- theatre, television and films. Marathi Movie World wishes him a grand success in days to come.

by Ulhas Shirke © MMW