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Ashok Hande is today a familiar name among music enthusiasts. His popular music shows with spectacular folk dances are widely popular with music buffs. His shows have a local flavour but are well accepted all over the world.

Now, he has stepped into the television world in the capacity of a judge in a dance reality show called ‘Maharashtra cha Nach Baliye’ on Star Pravah. He spoke to MMW, about his life and times as a musician and now as a television personality. Here is a brief chat.

Ashok Hande

Can you tell us something about your musical journey?
I belong to a family of fruit-sellers in Crawford Market and I took to music right from my childhood, listening to the film music on radio and from then on I was hooked to music. In college too, I was active in cultural activities and organized a lot of music programmes. I tried to learn classical music but to no avail, as I was more drawn towards film music. After college, I didn’t wan t to do anything except my music . So, I started with my first show called ‘Mangalgani-Dangalgani’ which was a super-hit and even the cassettes of these Marathi songs became a craze with the listeners. Then, I wanted to highlight the rich Maratha music culture and did a show called ‘Maharashtra Ki Lokdhara’ which was equally popular.

Which show of yours has been most popular?
All my shows have broken the records and have done more than 1000 shows but my most popular music show has been ‘Awaaz Ki Duniya’ which had Hindi songs and was widely appreciated.

You seem to be a Lata Mangeshkar fan.
| Yes. Right from my childhood I have admired Lataji and so I did a show only on Lataji’s songs called ‘Amrutlata’ which is still popular even after so many years.

Do you do shows only on playback singers or anybody else too?
No. I have also done shows on the legendary Marathi lyricist . P. Savlaram and some others too, like veteran classical singer Manik Verma in a show titled ‘Manek Moti’.

Who is your favorite music composer?
There are many, but my favorite is Shankar Jaikishan and will be doing a show on them in the near future.

You are a play back singer too.
Yes. I started giving play back for film s like ‘Hamaal De Dhammal’, ‘Mee Shivajiraje Bhosle Boltoy’ etc.

Now, you are a judge in a dance based reality show?
Yes. I am a judge in the Star Pravah show ‘Maharashtra Cha Nach Baliye’ which is going on . I have choreographed a lot of songs for my shows and so I feel I can be the right person to judge a dance based reality show. My co-judge is Sharveri Jamenis who is also a gifted dancer.

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