"Now, I will think about new offers, only after exams" - Prathamesh

Last year around the same time Marathi film 'Balak palak' was released and turned out to be a super hit film. In that film the character of Vishu was played by Prathamesh Parab. It was not a big role; but whatever he had to his share, he made his presence felt through his peculiar body language and dialogue delivery style. Now, he has opened the account of Marathi films for the year 2014, with his film 'Time Pass', where he plays Dagadu' the lead character of the film. Watching his progress in Marathi film, Marathi Movie World spoke to this talented actor, to know more about him, in real life. Excerpts from an interview:

Q: What are you doing at present, Prathamesh ?
A: I am studying final year B.Com in ML Dahanukar College, Mumbai.

Q: How come a youngster like you studying banking, entered the acting field ?
A: Till my 10th standard, I knew nothing about this acting field. It was only when I was doing Junior College, I got an opportunity to work in the back stage and music for one act plays. Then, 'Balak palak' opened the doors for my acting career.

Q: How did you get this role of Dagadu in 'Time Pass'?
A: I had earlier worked with Ravi sir in 'Balak palak' and hence he knew me well. After release of BP, he invited me to meet him. He had a script with him and asked me whether I would be interested to work with him again. Perhaps, he was more confident about his script, as script plays a very important part of film's success. Moreover, he knew very well I would perfectly fit into the role he was offering to me. Later, he held workshops to brush up our acting skills and explained minute details about it.

Q: Tell us something about yopur character in 'Time Pass' ?
A: This is a romantic film, where I am playing 'Dagadu' a lover boy. You will notice the first experience of teenage love through this film. We have tried explain what a real love all about.

Q: Have you yourself fallen in love in real life.?
A: No, not till now I haven't experienced any such thing in my life.

Q: Which is your favourite romantic pair on screen?
A: Shahrukh Khan and kajol.

Q: And the film you liked the most ?
A: 'Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge' and 'Three idiots'.

Q: Whom you admire the most in this acting field ?
A: My favourite actor is Shahrukh Khan. Frankly speaking, sometimes I try to imitate him.

Q: First BP and then 'Time Pass', two big banner films. And you are a famous hero now. How do you feel about it ?
A: Obviously, I am happy. I had never imagined that one day I would turn to acting and play a hero. But, with this success, there is hardly any time for self. Every actor feels like doing good reading, observing other performances for self improvisation. But, I found very less time for all this, in the recent past.

Q: Your co star in this film ketaki had some experience; having performed in three films before. But, for you, this was a debut in the lead role. How was your experience, working with her ?
A: Initially I was feeling very awkward. But, she made me comfortable by freely conversing with me on the set. She is a very talented actress. I really enjoyed working with her. When you find such co operative co stars, it is a pleasure working in such projects.

Q: have you now made up your mind, to accept acting as your career ?
A: I have not decided yet. May be after consulting my parents, soon I will take appropriate decision. But, I would certainly welcome offers with good roles.

Q: Was it difficult to manage your final year studies and shooting schedule, together ?
A: Actually, I received lot of support from my college authorities. Later, I managed to cover up the portion I missed, during my absence.

Q. have you received any other offers from films?
A: No not right now. At present for next few months, let me focus my attention on my studies. But, surely after exams , during vacation, I would opt for any such offers.

Q: thanks a lot, Prathamesh. Wishing you all the best.
A: My pleasure!

  by Jitendra R. More © MMW   |   07 January 2014, Tuesday