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Sukanya Mone
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Anshuman Vichare, Actor
Anshuman Vichare
Pallavi Patil, Actress • Pallavi Patilnew
More than her real name, people know her as 'Runji'. Best thing about Pallavi is that besides acting, she does find time for social work. She is associated with one NGO, taking care of hearing and speech impaired people. Perhaps, Pallavi's parents being hearing and speech impaired, must have driven her to this work, for a social cause. Hats off to her.Marathi Movie world spoke to Pallavi recently. Excerpts from an interview...... Read Continue  »
Ashok Shinde, Actor • Ashok Shindenew
Veteran Marathi actor Ashok Shinde, is very popular in Marathi entertainment industry. After successfully completing 1200 episodes of 'Swapnanchya Palikadale' in the prominent role of Yashwant Patkar , he has come with new avatar in 'Lagori - Maitri Returns' on Star Pravah, which is his 100th TV Serial. He is return to Marathi stage after a log gap of five years. Marathi Movie world spoke to him, on this occasion...... Read Continue  »
Suyash Tilak • Suyash Tilak
Suyash Tilak, a handsome, smart youngster is known for his simplicity. Nowadays, he has become popular amongst home viewers . Suyash graduated in Environmental Science, from Fergusson College, Pune; and is an environmentalist. Since his childhood, he was fond of acting. When he was in 4th std, he had participated in Marathi play, based on king Shivaji. He did acting workshops, during his college days from Pune..... Read Continue  »
Manasi Moghe • Manasi Moghe
Upon introduction, a warm endearing smile greets you. Feet firmly on ground and without any airs Miss India 2013 chats with Marathi Movie World. This 23 years old (young) beauty is utterly focused and knows exactly what she wants from life. It's every other girl's dream to either become Miss India or a famous 'Bollywood' star like Madhuri Dixit, Sridevi, or Kareena Kapoor. ....... Read Continue  »
Samidha Guru • Samidha Guru
Having a family background of dance, writing and acting , Samidha Guru started acting since her childhood. Her mother Meena Deshpande is involved in the theatre; she is 'Alankar' in Kathak. Her father late Suresh Deshpande, was a noted writer and director of Marathi plays. Her sister is a 'Kathak Visharad' and is a known actress. Even her husband (Abhijit Guru) is a good writer, actor and director..... Read Continue  »
Ramesh Deo • Ramesh Deo
Born in a wealthy 'Rajput' family, Ramesh Deo did a small scene with Pritviraj Kapoor in a Hindi film 'Aawara' when he was a child and debuted in the form of a cameo in a Marathi film 'Paatlachi Por'. His first big break as a leading man came in 1956, through noted director Raja Paranjape's Marathi film 'Aandhala Magto ek Dola'. Later he went on to become a much loved actor of Marathi movie world ....... Read Continue  »
Surabhi Hande • Surabhi Hande
Surabhi Hande, 'Mhalsa' of the popular serial 'Jay Malhar' has done her schooling from Jalgaon, joined M.J College and did her Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology from L.A.D. College, Nagpur. When she was in the 1st year, she participated in a play 'Swami' and did stage shows all over India. She was also an artist in All India Radio's Marathi Sugam Sangeet Programe..... Read Continue  »
Dr Mohan Agashe, actor • Dr. Mohan Agashe
His name itself in the star cast of any film, gives a solid look to the film. An actor par-excellence, Dr. Mohan Agashe, is known more as a professor, to all those, who learned the skills of acting from him. In Marathi entertainment field, Dr. Agashe first came into prominence, with his outstanding stage performance way back in 1972 through 'Ghashiram Kotwal', in which he played Nana Phadnavis....... Read Continue  »
Sukanya Mone • Sukanya Kulkarni - Mone
When she made her debut in Marathi films through 'Sarjaa' she was only 16 years old and then studying in New college , Kolhapur. Pooja Pawar was then very active through entertainment programmes in her college and had also been selected as the 'welcome girl' for the tableau presented by the NCC wing for Maharashtra state, at the Republic Day celebrations.'...... Read Continue  »
Anshuman Vichare, Actor • अंशुमन विचारे (Anshuman Vichare)
'सह्याद्री' वाहिनीवरील अनेक कार्यक्रमांचा सूत्र संचालक आणि 'फु बाई फु' मधील विजेता म्हणून अनेक मराठी प्रेक्षकांच्या ओळखीचा अभिनेता, म्हणजे अंशुमन विचारे. "एक कलाकार म्हणून जेव्हा वेग-वेगळे प्रयोग करत असतांना वेग-वेगळ्या भूमिका साकारातांना प्रेक्षकांनी त्याला साथ दिली, तर नक्कीच कलाकाराचा हुरूप वाढतो. शेवटी प्रेक्षकच हा मायबाप आहे. त्यांच्यासाठीच आपण काम करतो." असे प्रामाणिक मत अंशुमन विचारे ह्या गुणी कलाकाराचे आहे. नुकताच प्रदर्शित झालेल्या 'पोष्टर बॉईज' ह्या चित्रपटात महत्वाची भूमिका आहे, त्या निम्मित त्याच्याही केलेली बातचित..... आणखी वाचा  »
Puja Pawar Salunkhe • Pooja Pawar - Salunkhe
When she made her debut in Marathi films through 'Sarjaa' she was only 16 years old and then studying in New college , Kolhapur. Pooja Pawar was then very active through entertainment programmes in her college and had also been selected as the 'welcome girl' for the tableau presented by the NCC wing for Maharashtra state, at the Republic Day celebrations.'...... Read Continue  »
Niyati Ghate • Niyati Ghate
The recently released Marathi film 'Mukkam Post Dhanori' has brought a new face to Marathi film industry. She is not only talented with her acting skills, but is a good classical dancer and expert in martial arts. Niyati invited all the attention through her performance in this adventure and mystery filled Marathi film 'Mukkam Post Dhanori'...... Read Continue  »
Pari Telang • Pari Telang
We are all watching her on small screen, in popular crime investigation serial 'Lakshya', on Star Pravah. Today, Pari Telang is more popularly known as Sub-Inspector Disha Suryavanshi, than her original name. Actually, Pari began her acting career as a child artiste, when she was studying in 2nd standard. It was a role in commercial Marathi play 'Mantramugdha'..... Read Continue  »
Devdatta Nage • देवदत्त नागे
जय मल्हार' ह्या मालिकेतील मुख्य भूमिका साकारणारा, पिळदार शरीरयष्टी, भारदस्त आवाज आणि तितकाच दमदार अभिनय करणारा अभिनेता म्हणजे देवदत्त नागे. मुळचा अलिबाग, पेण चा. लहानपणापासूनच अभिनय आणि जिमची आवड असलेल्या देवदत्तने आपल्या करिअरच्या सुरवातीच्या काळात 'फॅशन शोज' मध्ये मोडेलिंग ने सुरवात केली. खरतर आपले पदवी शिक्षण पूर्ण करून जवळ पास १०-१२ वर्ष त्याने एका मोठ्या संस्थेत मोठ्या पदावर नोकरी केली. पण अभिनय, मोडेलिंगचे स्टेज त्याला सतत खुणावत होते आणि एक दिवस राजीनामा देऊन तो पूर्णवेळ ह्या क्षेत्राकडे वळला.... आणखी वाचा  »
Ajinkya Deo, Actor • Ajinkya Deo
He has been in the acting field for almost three decades now. But he has maintained himself very well. Having been blessed with a good height and fine personality, he still invites all your attention, while on screen. Ajinkya Deo is still going strong and has been receiving good offers, well suited to him. Recently, we saw him in out of the box Marathi film 'Shashi Deodhar' , while he also appeared in Anil Kapoor's popular action TV serial '24'...... Read Continue  »
Shweta Pagar, Actress • Shweta Pagar
MarathiMovieWorld had adjudged her as the best fresh face of the year 2012 and was conferred with the award, for her noteworthy performance in her debut film 'Shree Partner' which was based on Va Pu Kale's story. Shweta Pagar, who studied acting in Anupam Kher's Acting Academy, is actually from Pune. She is at present doing three films; one of which is a multi starrer film 'Charlie' made by 'Shree Partner' director Sameer Surve..... Read Continue  »
Ajay Padhye • Ajay Padhye
If he had not become an actor, he would have certainly played cricket at the national or international level. When Ajay Padhye completed his schooling from SIES School, Matunga, he joined Jhunjhunwala College, Ghatkoper, as he wanted to play for the college team and was advised accordingly, by his cricket coach Deepak Murekar from Shivaji Park Gymkhana. Ajay had played cricket with all time greats like Sachin Tendulkar..... Read Continue  »
Leena Bhagwat • Leena Bhagwat
The one of popular TV serial 'Honar Sunn Mee Hya Gharchi' had suddenly shifted in the last few weeks on the shoulders of Sharayu, the character played by Leena Bhagwat. Incidentally, Leena plays so called Chhoti Aai of Shree,( the lead hero of this serial). Not all with such character roles are able to create an impact on the audience through their performance. But, Leena has been lucky to find such a role, which has not only popularised among the audience, but it has also been able to gain sympathy in the recent past..... Read Continue  »
Girish Kulkarni • Girish Kulkarni
Girish Pandurang Kulkarni came into limelight as an actor and writer, when Marathi film 'Deool' won three national awards. Girish had won two awards for self, i.e. for best actor and best dialogues in this film; besides the film winning the 'Best film' award in 2011. Little before that the successful pair of Girish and Umesh Kulkarni had already established their credentials, with two of their films - 'Valu' and 'Vihir' having already received recognition.... Read Continue  »
Shilpa Tulaskar • Shilpa Tulaskar
For the past 22 years, she has been there in the field of acting; both in Hindi as well as Marathi entertainment, simultaneously. In spite of her marriage and later after delivery of two children; hasn't forced her to take a big breaks from acting. When she entered India's top institution - Ramnarain Ruia College, after completing her SSC; Shilpa Tulaskar was exposed to the competitive.... Read Continue  »
lalit Prabhakar, Julun Yeti Reshimgathi • Lalit Prabhakar
Lalit Prabhakar is certainly making his presence felt in the character of Aditya Desai in ongoing serial 'Julun Yeti Reshimgathi' on Zee Marathi channel. Tall, smart with simplicity, he is becoming popular amongst the home viewers. Not many are aware of his struggle in this acting field. A bachelor of science in Computer science...Read Continue »
Gaurav Ghatanekar, Actor • Gaurav Ghatnekar
Three years ago on Star Pravah's popular serial 'Tujhvin Sakya Re' we noticed a young handsome actor Gaurav Ghatnekar opposite two beautiful girls- Kadambari kadam and Jui Gadkari . He had then played his character of a young boy from a rich family, very confidently. The serial is now shown once again, in repeat telecast on Star Pravah, during afternoon hours and it is a pleasure to watch him as Rishabh, in this emotion filled love story.....Read Continue »
Neena Kulkarni, Actress • Neena Kulkarni
For almost little more than thirty years, she has been in the acting field. Out of 41 films in which she has performed, most of them have been in Hindi. However, though she has done only 10 Marathi films, without finding a lead role, she has always been considered as the most talented and respected actress in Marathi film industry. Even with a small role, she has the ability to create an impact of her character, through any film....Read Continue  »
Tanvi Palav, Actress • Tanvi Palav
We all are aware that Mumbai's Ruia College has offered many well known personalities in the field of sports, literature and acting. Recently, the college was declared the best college in India by the UGC, New Delhi; besides having acquired the four star rating from the National Assessment and Accreditation Council of India. ...Read Continue »
Suhas Modar
• Suhas Modar
Every youngster has his own dreams, when he decides to work in the creative field of media. In Maharashtra, when we talk about entertainment media, the youth either opt for acting field or modelling and prefer to remain in limelight. But, very few youngsters prefer the research and programme designing work, which is a behind the screen job. Suhas Modar is one of it »
Mrunmayee Deshpande, Actor
• Mrunmayee Deshpande
Unlike other actresses from Marathi film industry, who aspire to perform in Bollywood films, Mrunmayee Deshpande had already began her acting career through a Bollywood film 'Hamne Jeena Sikha Liya'. She was a teenager then and had played lead role, opposite Siddharth Chandekar, who was also a teenager, in that 'adolescent love story' based it »
Mayuri Wagh, Actress • Mayuri Wagh
Not many Maharashtrian parents openly support their daughters to pursue their career in acting. But, Mayurir Wagh's parents are an exception. Ever since, their daughter performed Bharat Natyam on stage, as a school girl; they have always been supportive to her. Living then, at far off place like Dombivali, the new cultural it »
Sachin Suresh, Actor • Sachin Suresh
Today, we are watching him as Suhas, the husband of whimsical and adamant woman Priya, in Zee Marathi's marathon serial 'Tu tithe Mee'. Sachin Suresh, who plays this role of Suhas, is not new to Marathi serials; as he has earlier appeared in many popular serials like 'Abhalmaya', 'Pimplepaan', 'Tujhe Ni Majhe Ghar Shrimantache', 'Gangubai', 'Oon Paus', 'Hya Gojirvanya Gharat', Char Chaughi', 'Bhagyavidhata', 'Bhairoba' and few it »
Prathamesh Parab, Actor • Prathamesh Parab
Last year around the same time Marathi film 'Balak palak' was released and turned out to be a super hit film. In that film the character of Vishu was played by Prathamesh Parab. It was not a big role; but whatever he had to his share, he made his presence felt through his peculiar body language and dialogue delivery style. Now, he has opened the account of Marathi films for the year 2014, with his film 'Time Pass', where he plays Dagadu' the lead character of the film. Watching his progress in Marathi film, it »
Amol bawdekar, Actor • Amol bawdekar
Today he is looked upon as the most dubious bad man on Marathi television screen. His portrayal of kedar in ongoing Marathi serial 'Radha Hi Bavari' on Zee Marathi has already invited adverse reactions of female viewers. But, in reality, Amol is a thorough gentleman. Best quality about him is that he is Soft spoken and modest. And, you quickly notice these qualities in him, when you meet him for the first time. Meeting Amol during the drama show of 'Aamhi Sou Kumud Prabhakar Apte' was a it »
Rohan Gujar, Actor • Rohan Gujar
At present on Marathi small screen, he is part of two different serials and performing almost identical roles of a youngster, who wants to establish his own identity, but is under constant pressure from home. Earlier, we had seen him in 'Devyani'. But, Rohan Jawahar Mala Gujar, that's how he likes himself to be identified; began his acting career with experimental theatre. We have also seen his big screen presence in the film 'Morya', as member of Santosh Juvekar's it »
Shreyas Talpade, Actor • Shreyas Talpade
After offering 'Sanai Choughade' his first Marathi production, Shreyas Talpade is getting ready to launch his second Marathi production 'Poshter Boyz'. Recently, the news also spread about his signing Marathi's first Superhero film 'Baji'. Looking at his keen interest to promote Marathi films, besides being busy in Bollywood, Marathi Movie World spoke to Shreyas Talpade, to find out the details of his future it »
Shreya  Bugde, Actress • Shreya Bugde
She has done her schooling from a Convent School in Mumbai and she graduated from Mithibai College with a cosmopolitan culture. Having done her stage in other languages like English, Hindi and Gujarathi, she has not forgotten her roots with Marathi language. Shreya Bugde is a TV Luminary today, with three of her shows being aired on TV, at present. Besides her role of Manjusha Holkar, she is playing a College it »
Trishala Shah, Actress • Trishala Shah
Popularly known with characters like Malvika, Tanya, Tinky, & Ragini, this 20 year old TV actress from Pune, is now making her debut through forthcoming Marathi film 'Khara Saangu Khota Khota', which is due for release on 20th December 2013. Trishala Shah is doing her graduation from Pune's Symbiosis Institute and has been actively involved with Marathi stage, before entering television through Marathi and Hindi serials like 'Hya Gojirvanya Gharat' it »
Ashok Saraf • Ashok Saraf
At 66, he is fit enough to work with the same enthusiasm, as he did in 70s, when he made his debut in Marathi films. He has a terrific sense of timing, when he performs comedy scenes with his co stars. No wonder, his pairing with late Laxmikant Berde turned out to be a hit. He must have done maximum Marathi it »
Analesh Desai • Analesh Desai
If he had not turned an actor, he would have become either a Cricketer or a Pharmacist. Analesh Desai is a gift to Marathi film industry, as this young model turned actor is slowly making progress in his acting career. With only one release to his credit so far, Analesh is looking forward to the release of his next film 'Khara Saangu Khota Khota' it »
Swarada Thigale,Actress • Swarda Thigale
She is a fresh face to Marathi TV viewers. This smart and talented Pune collegian has made her confident looking acting debut through E TV's ongoing Marathi serial 'Majhe Mann Tujhe Jhale'. In the character of Shubhra, a college going girl, Swarda Thigale has very cleverly displayed her different it »
Atul Kulkarni • Atul Kulkarni
He does not have any bad habits like smoking or drinking. He is very regular in maintaining his daily exercise schedule and eating habits at the appropriate time. An early lunch and early dinner, with a good sound sleep; has kept him going in today's changing lifestyle. We have never seen him sitting it »
Rohini Hattangadi • Rohini Hattangadi
She was almost nearing 30,when she was playing the role of Kasturba in Richard Attenborough's English Academy awards winning film 'Gandhi'. But, that role made her an internationally acclaimed actress. Born as Rohini Oak in Pune, Rohini married Jayadev Hattangadi, who was her batch mate in NSD, Delhi. Today, Rohini Hattangadi, is a renowned personality in films, theatre and television it »
RJ Mayuresh • RJ Mayuresh
We have been hearing many voices in original English and South Indian movies, which are dubbed in Hindi. There are many advertisements on Marathi television, which are dubbed in Marathi for Maharashtrian viewers. Then there are Voiceovers for films and TV serial promos on various TV channels. But, we never know, who are these dubbing it »
Swapnil Joshi • Swapnil Joshi
Marathi film industry has found a perfect star in Swapnil Joshi, to change its look. Today, he is the most popular hero in Marathi entertainment industry, being partly responsible for the success of the latest released Super hit Marathi film 'Duniyadari'. The film was rated among the top 10 Indian films during the last week of July 2013 with 98 % occupancy, it »
Milind Shinde • Milind Shinde
With his portrayal of whimsical but dangerous Dada Holkar in Zee Marathi's ongoing serial 'Tu Tithe Mee', Milind Shinde has invited all the attention with his humour filled dialogue delivery which is mixed with broken English. Milind is not new to acting field; it »
Kiran Mane • Kiran Mane
It does not matter how slowly you progress in your journey to achieve success; it is very necessary that you do not stop. For the past fifteen years, a young man from Satara has been sincerely doing his journey in acting field; no matter whatever little success he has had to his credit. The show is going on with the same enthusiasm and spirit that was noticed in him 15 years it »
Umesh Kamat • Umesh Kamat
Umesh is eagerly waiting for two of his films to be released shortly .Both are romantic films. One is Time Please’ opposite his own wife Priya for the first time on Big screen and the other is 'Lagna Pahava Karun' opposite Mukta Barve. MMW spoke to this young brilliant it »
Deepti Rasal • Deepti Samel Ketkar
Deepti's acting talents could be clearly noticed, when Abhilasha's role was given prominence very recently. Not otherwise very talkative, as seen through her character; Abhilasha does believe in proper communication MMW spoke to Deepti, to know more about her background and acting career. it »
Kunal Limaye, Actor • Kunal Limaye
Receiving the guidance and motivation from his father Pramod Limaye, a former theatre enthusiast, kunal joined professional theatre with Mohan Waghs 'Chandrakekha' group and performed many plays for five years including it »
Sonali KUlkarni • Sonali Kulkarni
Her passion for acting, has kept her going. In spite of her marriage to Nachiket Pantavaidya MD of Fox TV Studios in 2010 ;and turning a mother in real life in 2011, has not kept her away from acting field. In fact, while she was carrying, it »
Vaibhav Tatwawadi • Vaibbhav Tatwawadi (वैभव तत्त्ववादी)
मुळचा नागपुरचा असलेला वैभव तत्त्ववादी. १२ वी पर्यंतचे शिक्षण त्याने नागपुरमधे पुर्ण केले. त्यानंतर पुण्याच्या COEP कॉलेजमधून त्याने आपले इंजिनीअरींगचे शिक्षण पूर्ण केले. ते करत असतानाच त्याने काही नाटकांमध्ये काम केले. कॉलेजतर्फे बर्‍याच स्पर्धांमधे भाग घेतला आणि सर्वोत्कृष्ट अभिनेत्याचे पुरस्कार सुद्धा पटकावले it »
Prajakta Mali, Actress • Prajakta Mali
Members of her family are either in Police department or in education field. But, Prajakta Mali opted for acting career. Her mother was very fond of dancing during her young days;but could not pursue her it »
Ashutosh Patki • Ashutosh Patki
Ashutosh Patki, son of renowned Music director Ashok Patki has entered acting field, in Marathi entertainment. The only change is that instead of music , he has preferred acting as his it »
 Amol Palekar, Director • Amol Palekar
Not all the Marathi actors who received Bollywood offers, were successful. But, in 70s Amol Palekar invited all the attention.His popularity as an actor in Bollywood, still remains, it »
 Neha Shitole, Child Artist • नेहा शितोळे
पुण्याला सांस्कृतिक शहर म्हणून ओळखले जाते. तसेच मराठी मनोरंजन सृष्टी आणि पुणे यांच खुप जुनं नात आहे. अनेक मराठी कलाकार हे पुण्यातून मुंबईत आले....आणखी वाचा »
 Hansaraj Jagtap, Child Artist • Hansraj Jagtap
He belongs to Beed, a district in central Maharashtra. Acting has been his passion since his childhood. He has been performing on stage at the local level and has won many prizes. But, hardly did he realize that one day, it »
 Vikram Gaikwad, Actors • Vikram Gaikwad
Ever since the Marathi serial 'Unch Majha Zoka' has been aired on Zee Marathi, one character has always been the talk at every Maharashtrian it »
 Smita Jayakar, Actress • Smita Jayakar
Popular Marathi actress Smita Jayakar has been associated with entertainment industry for the past twenty eight years. After doing her graduation from St. Xaviers' College and completing Law degree from Government Law College, Mumbai; Smita entered television, for the first time, it »
 Usha Jadhav, Actress • Usha Jadhav
For the past three days there has been a feast of selected Marathi films at Ravindra Natya Mandir, Prabhadevi. The occasion is Film Festival organised by 'Sanskriti kala Darpan' to shortlist the nominees for the best film and other individual awards for the year it »
• प्रतीक्षा लोणकर
'दामिनी'च दूसर नाव म्हणजे प्रतिक्षा लोणकर. आज ती एक नामवंत अभिनेत्री म्ह्णून ओळखली जाते. मराठीमुव्हीवर्ल्ड ने तिच्याशी मारलेल्या गप्पा.....आणखी वाचा »
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